Friday, January 21, 2011

vintage coach

This is one of my favorite dresses because it's sooooo easy to wear.
It's traveled across several states with me and I've never had to iron it.
And every time I wear it I pair it with a different belt.
But this post is really not about the dress. It's about the BAG!!!
My mom's super old school Coach bag to be exact :)
It's so soft and so perfect and so goes with everything. My mom better get a lock on her closet...

wearing: urban outfitters dress, thrifted belt, dolce vita boots, coach bag
worn to: dinner and drinks at Mua

P.S I'm typing and sippin'...please excuse any typos and/or incoherence ;)
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  1. Aww, that color looks FANTASTIC on you! I really love the soft purple. And that vintage bag is awesome. I wish my mom didn't give away all of her old, but amazing items. The other day, I was thinking about buying a pair of velvet leggings and then I realized that my mom used to have THREE. Made me sad thinking about having to buy a new pair when my mom's old ones would have been perfect. Anyhoo, Happy Friday to you!

  2. Oh, what fond memories. I had a purse exactly like that. That dress is cute. It looks comfy too.

  3. Love that dress and the bag! I also love how you paired your dress with that wonderful belt!

  4. Your mom needs her own fashion blog too! :-)

  5. Cute dress, always a bonus when you don't have to iron something.

  6. love the bag and really cute dress!

  7. Purple looks amazing on you. And that bag is fantastic!! Have a lovely weekend.


  8. I love anything vintage. That bag really compliments the dress...even gives it a vintage look. As always, you look astonishing.

  9. What a cute dress!

    I have a couple of old Coach bags...I gave them to my daughter.

  10. the bag is amazingg . & i love your video ; so cutee . great oufit post ! i really love your style .

    ALYSSA .

  11. How cool! The bag looks so retro and cute! Love the dress as well. :)

  12. I'm not really a big fan of Coach (however, I like their leather items, more than the monogram stuff).. but your vintage Coach bag is marvelous!!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  13. thanks everyone!

    sharonlei-the monogram stuff is not for me either, but they have really improved their other line.

    pancakeSTACKER-i'm grateful for this bag, but heartbroken that she gave away her D&B bags.

  14. What a perfect classic bag! And the dress looks great on you, definitely a keeper :)

  15. great post
    i love the dress, and you are very pretty !

  16. I love that knit dress, looks great on you! Anything with a 70's feel, I usually love. That bag is a treasure too and they do get better with age:)) BTW, love your blog, new follower here. Hope to have you as one also;)

  17. This dress kills! Love the color and fit.

  18. In love with the bag!!

  19. oooh I think I see a peek of those DV boots you were talking about! killer bag lady, your mom better more than a bolted closet door, she needs a armored bodyguard, that thing is vintage heaven!
    xo lina

  20. OMG I love this outfit. That belt is amazing, I want it! I totally have that Coach bag in green, and I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  21. My little sister has that bag I have tried to steal it from her plenty of times...but to no avail! :(


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