Wednesday, February 27, 2013

valentine's day come late

 photo 0a61fc4c-c803-47db-8fce-4da9f6c3eb8a_zps6668b677.jpg
 photo 81f7a65a-67f7-460c-b00c-cc8a0c7ab8bb_zpsedb552fe.jpg
 photo f0172649-f205-4084-a76b-cd226b92fd89_zpsdf36ddf6.jpg
 photo 6728e359-a5cc-48d5-9c62-3a54d6b624d8_zps522c7039.jpg
Well, I’m back for now! As I said before, I shot a few looks prior to my big move and this Valentine’s Day outfit is one of them. Normally I would wear a dress or skirt to celebrate the occasion, but I thought there was something particularly lovely and sweet about this look. It must be the big ole bow, and of course I had to bring in the red with the lips and the nails. 

PS. Hello to all my new INSTAGRAM followers :)

wearing: j crew giant bow sweater (CUTE ONE HERE), urban pants, nine west boots, jewel mint bow earrings c/o 
worn to: celebrate vday

Monday, February 18, 2013


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Every time I move it seems like I have so much to figure out with the blog. Who's going to take my pictures? Where am I going to take them? Should I even continue blogging? Please bare with me as I sort everything out. I do have some looks already shot that I will be posting at some point but for now I'm going to focus on getting unpacked. In the meantime please follow me on INSTAGRAM to see what I'm wearing, eating, drinking and everything in between. Toodles!!

let's get social

Sunday, February 10, 2013

mr. weatherman

 photo 0ec08377-9a72-4bdd-85ef-79e4b5e0a01f_zps97c9c050.jpg
 photo 972a1293-0003-496a-a565-5cd8b8f12a78_zps779d0600.jpg
 photo 49fd669c-4493-4367-aba4-8690cb6c17e3_zps38cfe88d.jpg
 photo fc320b05-876a-4ed7-84cf-c3455eff5a70_zpsb8e6f84e.jpg
 photo 3385efec-6193-4d4e-90bc-3aa2f6cf8b4b_zpsb38db457.jpg
I always seem to manage to wear my HUNTER BOA's on days when there's no rain. On this particular day, not only was there no rain, there was also not a cloud in the sky. That's what I got for putting my faith in the weatherman.

wearing: banana repulic fairisle cardiagn (ASOS FAIRISLE HEART SWEATER), urban jeans, hunter croc embossed wellies (EYEING THESE), gifted madewell heart necklace,macy's bracelet
worn to: work

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Monday, February 4, 2013

sweatshirt chic

 photo ff6e9403-0838-4351-b3c2-9b5cfacf4e12_zps58620cb2.jpg
 photo af1ba56e-2168-4a4d-ab71-45f1d784eb8e_zps02472cd3.jpg
 photo ee0d449a-f27e-48ed-86db-62f8138ba5f4_zpsde391a63.jpg
 photo af44d3e2-d155-44fc-911c-d7b996e28966_zps0f004e4f.jpg
 photo 5f8be55e-c7dc-4a0e-b1ad-b5ef8df3f4b9_zps4bb618bc.jpg

I typically don't wear this owl sweatshirt out in public because as I've said numerous times, I'm trying to dress more age appropriate and nothing screams young like a bedazzled owl sweatshirt! But who cares. It's been cold here and I'm so sick of wearing sweaters. I did my best to make it "sophisticated" with heels and leather peplum. What do you think? Did it work? 

wearing: bebe leather jacket (ASOS LEATHER PEPLUM JACKET), f21 owl sweatshirt (FRENCH CONNECTION OWL SWEATER), eliott lucca bag, carlos santana pumps, gifted scarf from istanbul (thanks mom!)
worn: furniture shopping & errand running