Tuesday, May 28, 2013

skinny mini

 photo 7eec2718-7881-4439-8700-d8819ffb1fc7_zps22e80570.jpg
 photo cfb6b94e-625d-488f-a35d-37ee041fe2f7_zps45654760.jpg
Pardon the picture overload. I had a full out photo shoot while waiting to get into the UNCORKED! WINE FESTIVAL, and it was well worth the 45+ min wait. I highly recommend it for Bay Area peeps. Unlimited wine tasting for 5 hours...yes ma'am!
 photo 581cdae2-b518-4d7e-a079-2e85dd37d8ef_zpsce7f55d4.jpg
 photo f931b11e-02e6-4f16-8e92-2a477bfc42c0_zps8c9d9d5c.jpg
On to the outfit...I got these oversized sunnies from TJ Maxx for 6 bucks. I wasn't sure about them because this is not a shape I would typically go for, but for $6, I figured I'd give it a shot, and I'm glad I did. I really like them. What do you think? Is this shape ok for my face? 
 photo 3976ec67-9e2a-4e85-855f-cc0cea8da57d_zps73f6745d.jpg
I also scored these velvety loafers for dirt cheap from the DSW clearance rack, and I have been wearing them like crazy. Somehow fuchsia suddenly goes with everything in my closet. 
 photo 44982267-a06e-44b8-88f2-dc0f167fa0b5_zpsec25b86d.jpg
 photo 8c919548-ccf1-404d-9aeb-6fa7590a6e8e_zps54404e10.jpg
And last but not least, THE PANTS. O, the pants!! Words can not express how much I love these GAP PRINTED SKINNY MINI KHAKIS (and not just b/c my nickname is skinny mini). I'm slowly collecting them in every single print. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

iPod giveaway!!!!

When I think about all the things I love and enjoy and that make me happy, music is right up there at the top of my list. From Lil Wayne to Lady Antebellum, I am a fan of literally ALL genres of music, and my iPod and I have a very special relationship. 

So many people seem to be using their phone for music these days, but I say preserve your battery and your gigabytes and enter my iPod nano (16GB) giveaway
This latest generation of the nano has a lot of cool features including a touchscreen, FM radio with live pause, a pedometer and a widescreen to watch your favorite movies and view your favorite pictures. It's pretty fantastic. Enter below, and good luck! 
P.S. Justin Timberlake's Strawberry Bubblegum is currently on repeat for me. What about you? What are you listening to? 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

pattern mixing

 photo 365ea4f4-d7fe-4eef-93e8-d2c6d3f1c5e6_zpscbc043da.jpg
 photo c15829eb-8b06-4cc5-b45d-f482f7bdf69e_zps92730e99.jpg
 photo d7fddd0e-69b7-48a9-af24-73b043b13408_zps98efe399.jpg
 photo 24f2d389-fbff-4a0a-8722-9149abac7cd4_zps6ededd46.jpg
 photo 92b4a1b9-26d9-4070-a4a1-4a80afefc686_zpsbda36860.jpg
Do you think pattern mixing will ever go out of style? I sure hope not. What is your favorite way to mix patterns? Mine is depicted here, but I'm also really loving mixing gingham with other prints as of late.

wearing: old navy cardigan, nordstrom blouse, thrifted ($2) skirt, sam edelman heels, gifted madewell heart necklace, MICHAEL KORS TORTOISE WATCH
worn to: work

Thursday, May 9, 2013

simply casual

 photo 9b1d0d2b-3b9a-430f-8050-298e4d4bdff4_zpsd0084a2a.jpg
 photo 8b8c5369-ae41-4bfb-b74a-f952cf234476_zpsbd011fe9.jpg
 photo 80dd8d7d-40fd-4d69-838f-db1fb5fc847f_zps3e8dbb22.jpg
 photo 22a7aad4-cabd-4e42-8c88-f40b8fbb37e5_zpsaf5f3892.jpg
 photo 5045380a-979c-4afd-a203-f698d413434d_zps9049a526.jpg

This is not a look I would typically post on the blog, but I had my camera and a photographer for the day, so I figured why not. Besides, if you happen to run into me on the streets on a lazy Saturday morning or afternoon, this is what you'd see. So why not share it, right? 

P.S. I have 3 pairs of Sperry's and they are BY FAR the most comfortable shoes I own. 

wearing: j crew shirt (love this TEACH FOR AMERICA TEE),  joe's jeans, sperry fisherman shoes, nasty gal horizontal cross necklace (SIMILAR), tom's sunglasses c/o (VERY SIMILAR)

worn to: the farmer's market, brunch and sip beer at THE LAKE

Sunday, May 5, 2013

is belted better

 photo 2dc5cfda-1bbd-4bab-9ae8-b362ad222919_zps9f6ab7cd.jpg
 photo b141c748-13dc-451d-b9f1-3e9231b0daf7_zps7e0bf775.jpg
 photo f25a50ce-8191-4366-aa7c-7589a903ab7b_zpseab87fe7.jpg
 photo 2131a2c6-5153-430a-8b47-fb35a2b3dd53_zps83288a11.jpg
 photo c70571a8-fb5a-4b47-9bb6-79af68775718_zps6426790d.jpg
To belt or not to belt? That is the question. What do you think, is this dress better belted or not? If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you likely already saw the picture of how I actually wore it. 

wearing: ali ro dress (love THIS one), prada heels (sold out but THESE!!!!), thrifted belt, nordstrom necklace
worn to: drinks and lounging at PRESS CLUB

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