Thursday, May 3, 2018


As I stated in my IG POST “Viñales Valley, what can I say?! I love you! I’ve never smelled air so fresh & so clean in all my life.”
Viñales is a valley about 2.5 hours outside of Havana, but it’s well worth the trek! And when you go, because you must go, you have to explore with my favorite Cuban, Humberto a.k.a Chino! Viñales is beautiful in and of itself, but Humberto made the trip for me and my crew. CONTACT HIM HERE
He’s so personable, funny & passionate about what he does and don’t get me started on the delicious meal we had at his family home. Go for the fried snapper, yellow rice, & chicken noodle soup! I loved our eye opening conversations about life under Raul, every Cubans dream to own a car and Cuban trap music vs reggaeton. Ha!
(when you see your boy you haven't seen in months)

Aside for the yummy food, titling convo and jam session, Humberto took us all over the valley, introducing us to all his friends along the way. Our first official stop was at a tobacco farm where we sat for hours surround by pigs, chickens, dried tobacco leaves, rum and tipsy conversation :) We learned all about the process of marking cigars and then we got a chance to roll our own and smoke them of course!
(tobacco leaves)
From here we hopped on horses and rode to his friend’s house where we watched him make his own sugar cane juice that we then used to make our own cocktails and mocktails!
 (sugarcane...getting ready to have some drinks!)
After an hour or so with him and his lovely family we hoped back on our horses and rode to the top of the valley and hung out near the famous Hotel Los Jazmines and watched a live salsa performance before we ended the day back at Humberto’s House.
(Hotel Los Jazmines)

All in all, it was a great day and an experience I will truly never forget. And again, I owe a lot of that to Humberto and his friends. Don't forget you can book a tour with him HERE. We did excursion #1!
wearing: zara pants, target cap, AERIE SO FLY SUNNIES (2 for $22, available in 9 colors), converse

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