Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoy the day with loved ones, counting all your blessings and taking naps in between online shopping ;)  
 Last Saturday I hosted Friendsgiving and this is what I wore and how I set the table.
I love THIS COBALT BLUE DRESS (under $20 from Forever 21), but I don't necessarily recommend bodycon when you plan on stuffing your face, but I do however recommend keeping it cute ;)

images c/o INSTAGRAM

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hey Pumpkin! You know I love clothes, and you know I love blogging and you know I love food, but did you know I love to cook? I'm not big into desserts and baking (I'd rather eat chips and make some tilapia), BUT I love pumpkin anything. I've shared an easy, pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe with you below just in time for Thanksgiving! You can thank me later :) On to the fashion...
 photo simply_chic_fall_style.jpg
 photo simply_chic_white_after_labor_day2.jpg
 photo simply_chic_statement_necklace.jpg
 photo simply_chic_fall_style2.jpg
 photo simply_chic_white_after_labor_day3.jpg
 photo simply_chic_fall_style3.jpg
 photo simply_chic_white_after_labor_day.jpg
 I've never been one to shy away from white after Labor Day. In California, sunless days are few and far between, especially with this crazy drought we are having. So, why not wear white in Noevember when it's 65 & sunny. In fact, to me this look is very fall chic with the dark grey blouse and animal print pumps. What do you think—is this fall look #simplychic or simply wrong?

WEARING: zara blazer, nordstrom blouse, macys necklace, gap jeans, jean michel cazabat pumps,
WORN TO: church and brunch

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 photo chocolate_chip_pumpkin_cookies2.jpg
 photo chocolate_chip_pumpkin_cookies.jpg
*i added a mashed banana, you make it healthy ;) and i also didn't use allspice (isn't that a deodorant ha!) or ground cloves

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 photo crop_top_skirt_set2.jpg
 photo crop_top_skirt_set.jpg
 photo 40e49cc5-51c2-4d00-b9b5-45614b3b5e8a.jpg
 photo crop_top_skirt_set3.jpg

I've been dying for a crop top skirt set, and finally when summer is over, I get one...go figure. Initially I thought this would be more of a night time look, but I don't know about baring my belly and wearing heels at the same time. Not quite sure that's me, so instead I opted to do the crop top thing during the day with sneakers and a flannel. I like to think of it as down to earth sexy and/or California cool.

WEARING:  boohoo crop top set (ASOS SKIRT SET), old navy flannel & necklace, xoxo leaopard sneakers (VANS LEOPARD SNEAKERS), michael kors bag, TOMS AVIATORS
WORN TO: the movies & saturday erreands

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Monday, November 3, 2014


Well, since it's November, we just celebrated Halloween, AND the Giants won the World Series, I think some orange linen pants are in order.

 photo simply_chic_ornage_pants5.jpg
 photo simply_chic_ornage_pants3.jpg
 photo simply_chic_ornage_pants2.jpg
 photo simply_chic_ornage_pants.jpg
 photo simply_chic_ornage_pants4.jpg

Orange is a tricky color to wear, but I think I found what works for me — stay away from black and go with grey and/or brown instead. Happy Monday!

WEARING: zara blazer & blouse, j crew necklace & pants, bcbgeneration wedges, louis vuitton bag
WORN TO: church & movies

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