Wednesday, March 27, 2013

gone with the wind fabulous

 photo b4a8335d-667c-4606-8b11-84ecc768ccac_zps0e06b5c5.jpg
 photo 740127ea-2e31-4cab-b946-c1e7b2e118c7_zpse3294941.jpg
 photo 48f3632d-5f97-437a-8422-d6d490b83cf1_zpsc841d1ce.jpg
OMG, I hate the wind! It makes your hair a tangled mess. It makes your hair stick to your lip gloss. It makes it feel 10 times colder than it actually is. And worst of all, it makes it impossible to take proper blog pictures. I don't know how you folks in Chicago do it. 

Now twirl ;)

wearing: HIVE & HONEY CARDIGAN, f21 polka dot shirt (SIMILAR), mojo moxy bow pumps

let's get social

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

green giant

 photo 8b709041-64ed-407b-adae-77f2f671026b_zpscbc4d8b7.jpg
 photo e65d5cae-6a7f-4ab8-9adf-4a60ea96a91a_zpsecbd93ec.jpg
 photo 1d4dc971-2053-4e31-9b3e-631cd719c5f1_zps267fd84b.jpg
 photo fc8f9d8a-21d2-4613-95e0-06b093799e6a_zpsae2029d6.jpg
 photo c3f36dfc-b780-444d-a47c-7292b5d9dc43_zpse1a85392.jpg
I'm super stoked because I just booked a ticket to Athens!! No, not Georgia silly...GREECE!!!!! If you've been to the Greek Islands, I would love to hear about it. Please share!! 

Anyway, this was my St. Patty's Day look, and while I normally don't participate in the green frenzy, I'll use any excuse to whip out my favorite maxi, last seen HERE

wearing: express minus the leather vest (SIMILAR),old navy sweater,urban outfitters maxi (OTHER COLORS), sample sale scarf,old navy ring
worn: for st patty's day

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

is it spring yet?

 photo 21c9326f-0c8f-4844-a424-d9a544b7852d_zpsac1cc651.jpg
 photo 1464cadb-12cf-410b-9711-a54ba6527a1e_zps158c5808.jpg
 photo f2c67a79-39f5-408c-8472-230b50981157_zps1e87a75e.jpg
Because of INSTAGRAM,where I attempt to post my daily looks, I realized my style really leans toward the casual side in the fall and winter. I prefer flat boots to heeled boots. I'm wearing denim 4 out of 7 days, and of course all of my sweaters are in heavy rotation. I'm a California native, and I am all about that easy, breezy style (and life) but I'm over it at the moment. I'm ready for dresses, skirts, floral prints and HEELS! Anyone else ready for spring? It's only a week away :)

wearing: h&m blazer, gap sweater(SIMILAR) and jeans (GREAT SPRING COLORS HERE), dolce vita heels, f21 necklace
worn to: an event at the local library 

let's get social

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

jump, jump

 photo b15aaa79-baa6-4a66-bb97-fcb2cb971efa_zps79d4a100.jpg
 photo b578351d-d163-49fc-a1fc-017957ff35cc_zpsa2865356.jpg
  photo e9d0df28-35ff-43a7-afbb-68376ec644e4_zps4b625102.jpg
 photo b2735392-8a2e-441e-ad57-4fd576fc3f26_zps43a10b30.jpg

This little jumper is so versatile and well worth the the $19.99 I spent on it at Forever 21 ;) I've worn it wine tasting, clubbing, to the beach and most recently I wore it on moving day. I think I like it so much because it takes zero thought to look half way put together and sometimes you just need that, you know?

wearing: forever 21 jumper (WANT THIS ONE), freestyle revolution denim jacket (DENIM JACKET UNDER $30), TOMS KATHMANDU SUNGLASSES c/o, TREE OF LIFE NECKLACE, gifted madewell bracelet, old navy ring, random comfy flats
worn to: move!