Sunday, August 25, 2013

pattern play

 photo 20dcf2f8-928b-4086-a491-ac710f85df62_zps2bfb49d3.jpg
 photo 5d224fb0-e167-49f4-8c01-a184085e7733_zps787fbe15.jpg
CLOS DU VAL WINERY one of my favs
 photo b85e84e2-9906-4e6b-a64b-dfb1482ef12a_zpsb2e2019a.jpg
 photo 91a7e5c3-7684-4636-b5fb-dd16f307e4fd_zps184df770.jpg
 photo f7ce758c-b9a2-45e0-b954-d9da4b1dbd93_zps9671fea9.jpg
 photo 847f47f5-194d-4f9e-8ebc-ef0befa54217_zps3f8b8996.jpg
LUCKY BRAND FLATS UNDER $35 a.k.a the most comfy shoes I own
 photo 2fd11f49-1ce0-4f4f-b263-c17414925f8f_zpsfc5d4a9a.jpg
 photo 6d410351-0699-4e75-a59e-69d7f4d322f0_zps73def1e0.jpg
 photo a9525e62-538c-4a90-a259-03c170753a97_zpse89189d5.jpg
 photo 18eb2655-091d-41b7-afad-7e098c2fc30f_zpsab565255.jpg
All outfit photos taken at PINE RIDGE VINEYARDS 

Last weekend I took a last minute trip to Napa. I threw on a dress and some comfy shoes, hopped in the car and was there in less than an hour. Because it was a last minute decision, I didn't plan on taking blog pictures, but how many opportunities do you have to shoot in a vineyard right? 

WEARING: dress from tj maxx, LUCKY BRAND FLATS UNDER $35necklace from macy's, kelsi dagger tote (SIMILAR UNDER $60), kenneth cole blue face men's watch (LOVE THIS ONE)
WORN: wine tasting in napa

I also visited MUMM NAPA. If you like sparkling wine, this is the place for you. 

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

laughs for days

If you read my 30 THINGS POST you know how I feel about brunch. Soooooo, it was only right that I culminated my celebration with a birthday bottomless brunch
 photo 370e0140-463b-4c13-80a9-12a3cca53368_zps8308fb5d.jpg
 photo a6e05ca1-c161-4205-9cf1-e64546a1c144_zpse378e052.jpg
 photo 5f0c6c55-522c-4003-81f3-191ea8a27586_zpsc567477d.jpg
I really, really wanted to wear a dress or a jumpsuit, but of course I couldn't find either, so I reached in my closet and came up with this...a skirt and a cardigan. Typical me!
 photo 58c4db3f-eaba-4c24-a1af-b6b851ac37c2_zps0a117971.jpg
 photo 9af59cff-0fc3-4e56-9810-99b8780cc4b6_zps1ad8a21e.jpg
A special thank you to Bill of GOODE PHOTOS for capturing so many laughs and so many great moments!

WEARING: j crew cardigan, zara skirt, calvin klein leopard heels gifted bracelet from south africa
WORN TO: birthday brunch at CANA

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

forever young

 photo 0a4301db-0b91-47eb-bc90-76b130d51158_zps150a33cc.jpg
 photo bb1d1f9d-82fd-4d1a-badb-158603c1e061_zpscbb5bf37.jpg
 photo 926003e8-a54a-468c-9222-d8cdade9e4ba_zpsb86d9fd6.jpg

I wore this outfit to 1 of 3 birthday dinners. I thought the bright pink pants pattern mix (say that 3 times fast) was the perfect way to say I'm sophisticated but still young and fun. What do you think? Did I nail it? 

P.S. Thank you for all the birthday well wishes :) 

WEARING: j crew tee (SIMILAR), GAP SKINNY MINI KHAKIS, dolce vita heels, flea market now necklace (SIMILAR)

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

30 things

1) I've worked in corporate retail since age 21
2) Every year for at least the last 8 years, I have traveled somewhere I've never been before
3) I'm just learning how to parallel park
4) I have 1 tattoo, and want at least 1 more
5) I had my belly button AND tongue pierced when I was younger 
6) I'm a recovering Type A control freak
7) I'm Catholic and I go to church faithfully
8) I'm a Jay Z fanatic! Flew all the way to NYC just to see him at Madison Square Garden once
9) I'm a Celtics fan and a Laker hater
10) I'm headed to the Greek Islands very soon 
11) I graduated from Spelman College
12) I'm 5' 2" & around 115 lbs when I've had a burger, fries & a shake, 112 if I haven't
13) Target is my happy place
14) I have a thing for turtles
15) And pugs
16) I don't know how to write in should see my signature (yikes)
17) I'm a self proclaimed nerd
18) I would have graduated from grad school with straight A's & A+'s, but they made me take Accounting
19) I watch Pretty Woman every time it comes on TV like it's the first time
20) I'm a sucker for a sunset
21) I enjoy a cold brew 
22) People say I'm quiet and bossy...I only agree with the latter
23) I look at the clock at 9:11 daily
24) SEO fascinates me (see # 17)
25) I am terrified of roller coasters, and waterbugs
26) I want to be an equestrian in my next life
27) Brunch is my faviorte meal of the day
28) I have seen every single epiosode of the Goldne Girls
29) I'm not a hopeless romantic but I have a crazy obsession with hearts
30) Today is my 30th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

baby blue

 photo 742c667a-c066-4e4b-9fb6-01afe9e67427_zps24308a85.jpg
 photo 4c9a8448-b4fa-4163-a237-b9fc1383a704_zps3eda81a0.jpg
 photo fbdb8ce7-9271-434c-be28-cb1b14eb5772_zps005e3d1d.jpg
 photo ddd491a4-a340-4306-9ae8-55f538b89125_zps5381a3ce.jpg
 photo 6e6eb34b-4c73-4723-a9b4-c42b67e3e827_zpsf9507031.jpg

This skirt was last seen HERE and sadly enough, that was the last time I wore it. I need to do better.

On a random, but slightly related note, I spent a lot of time in ANTHROPOLOGIE this weekend, and can I just say their fall line is fantastic. I tried on dress after dress, and ultimately left empty handed because I am indecisive. But...I will be back!

WEARING: j crew jacket, anthropologie skirt,sam edelman shoes
WORN TO: church and brunch

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