Monday, May 23, 2011

red into pink

I have about 5 million things to do today, including taking the red eye to Boston.
So while I have a ton of stuff I could say about one of my favorite color combos (red & fuchsia), all I time to say is...
I'm headed out of town for a long vacation and I am not sure when/if I will be able to post, but try not to miss me too much and please follow my escapades through the South, Northeast & Central America on TWITTER.
Lastly, I am sooooo excited to properly show off this ring I purchased from CHICSHOP via the gift certificate I won on ZARNA'S blog.
I've put it to great use...

wearing: zara blazer, target ruffle tank, f21 jeans, michael kors watch, chicshop ring, steve madden heels, sally hansen polish in commender & chic
worn to: dinner at PARAGON & lounge hopping at SOMAR & THE DEN

Thursday, May 19, 2011

j simpson

I started to lay my clothes out for my vacation and I realized I have yet to wear or show you, my fabulous Jessica Simpson heels.
If you follow me on TWITTER then you did get a sneak peak of them, and you know how excited and surprised I was when they showed up at my doorstep from a special someone ;)
Anyway, I need another pair of black shoes, really any shoes at all, like I need another dress or bag and so on and so forth.
But there was something about this fancy bronze crackle print heel and platform that made me think "got to have them!"
On a random side note, have you guys seen the H&M magazines? It's right up there with Lucky as one of my favorite's. Too bad it's only seasonal.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

collars up

As most of you know, Blogger was acting up last week and all of your lovely comments were deleted from my previous post and I don't think they are coming back :( So I apologize for not acknowledging your comments/questions and visiting your blogs. Hopefully, they reappear at some point...
I love a popped collar, so clearly when I saw this jacket in J. Crew with the collar standing at attention, I had to have it.
That was 3 or 4 years ago and every spring since then I look forward to temperatures between 65 and 70 so I can wear it!
This particular day, I wore it to hang out in Chinatown and it was hot (rare for San Francisco) so I had to unbutton the jacket and let the collar down :(
Hear no evil, speak no evil, but I see all the evil. How cute are these little monkeys??

wearing: target tank, j crew jacket, f21 skirt, 9west boots, badgley mischka bag
worn to: lunch in chinatown at R&G LOUNGE, shopping in union square, etc

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

spotted with flowers

When I found out the next EVERYBODYEVERYWHERE challenge was florals, I knew I had a ton of options in my closet to choose from. Last summer, I think that's the only pattern I bought.
Every time I've worn this skirt I've worn it a different way, and you can see some of those ways HERE & HERE.
When I first put the polka dot tank on, and whipped my hair back & forth, I decided it was too much of a print clash for me.
That problem was quickly solved by throwing on a jean jacket. Who cares that I was sweating profusely for the rest of the day ;)

wearing: h&m tank, f21 jean jacket, thrifted belt and skirt, vintage coach bag, matiko wedges, michael kors watch, CHICSHOP ring (which i can't wait to feature...stay tuned)
worn to: brunch
Florals | Everybody, Everywear

Saturday, May 7, 2011

loving life

This past week the b/f was in town, the weather was perfect, and I had no school work to do. Needless to say, I was and still am loving life.
One of the highlights of the week was taking my nephew to Alameda beach. It's certainly no South Beach, my nephew didn't like the sand or the water, but we had such a great time!! Love that kid :)
Also, love these earrings (they are my mom's) and this dress.
It has probably made an appearance on this blog more than any other item in my closet. I guess that's what happens when something is so effortless & timeless & in my humble opinion, beautiful :)

wearing: fcuk dress, thrifted belt
worn to: church & alameda beach

Monday, May 2, 2011

top knot

If you follow me on TWITTER, you know that I was debating on whether the high bun is for me since I already look pretty young. Well, I finally wore it out and kinda loved it.
I think the fact that it wasn't so high (b/c I could only manage to get it to this height) and I wore a blazer somewhat matured the look, which is exactly what I needed :)
Anyway, I don't think it'll be a daily or weekly 'do for me, but I will incorporate it into my look from time to time.
Also, will be incorporating these velvet stirrups in my look more often. I've had them since last summer and have yet to put them to really good use...
wearing: eShakti earrings, h&m blazer, kenneth cole men's watch, thrifted belt, american apparel velvet stirrups, dolce vita heels
worn: dinner & lounge hopping