Monday, January 27, 2014


I always enjoy seeing how YAHOO grades celebrities on their fashion. I rarely agree with what they say and I think "Is it me or is it them?". So I'm comparing their grades for last night's Grammys to my own. Read along and let me know what you think. 
 photo 6f3833a3-5f25-4f0e-ba4c-35fabcfb25db_zps075f74df.jpg
Beyonce in Michael Costello
Yahoo A+  
Simply Chic B The dress is a work of art but the hair is too beachy and the make up is too heavy.
 photo d28e0959-0528-4d27-87f4-676acebba7b0_zps478a6110.jpg
Madonna in Ralph Lauren 
Yahoo C
Simply Chic B+ I love it. It's so simply chic!The only reason she doesn't get an A is b/c she has gold grills in her mouth :-/
 photo 12064362-03f8-4cf3-a30c-5b2fbccb673a_zps90a3eadf.jpg
Pharrell in Vivienne Westwood (hat)
Yahoo D
Simply Chic C- When I fist saw him, I thought "O no!!! His hat needs to be pushed down!" Then I realized that's how it was supposed to be WTH? 
 photo f63a3987-f8ca-4d53-b11a-ddbd39465357_zps851d2d1a.jpg
Ciara in Emilio Pucci
Yahoo A
Simply Chic A+ What a sight for soar eyes! I love how the dress blends in perfectly with her skin tone. She's my best dressed.
 photo e5025163-e990-48e9-81ad-84a1a0b5d0f7_zpsac3105ed.jpg
Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson
Yahoo A-
Simply Chic D And this how NOT to do metallic folks. I love Chrissy but I hate this dress and her hair. It's so tacky. Not sure what Yahoo was looking at. 
 photo e681d5bb-e041-4886-ad55-a21324751540_zps1b33c8fa.jpg
Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka
Yahoo B-
Simply Chic C Kelly is part of the Fashion Police and this is NOT fashion. It looks like a costume.
 photo 404deb90-f598-4709-b9e6-d9739e70b356_zps81043a86.jpg
Paula Patton
Yahoo D
Simply Chic F- Really Paula? She needs to fire her stylist. She's my worst dressed.
 photo d85fe079-8fed-4c7d-90dd-40e5852ba2d0_zps17c38462.jpg
Kendrick Lamar 
Yahoo B-
Simply Chic A I love the color. I love the fabric. I love the fit. Kendrick did good!
 photo 61b6c9c3-2303-4f35-b648-81d7214a2508_zps4d7b540d.jpg
The Queen in Carmen Marc Valvo
Yahoo A+
Simply Chic A+ Finally Yahoo and I agree. From hair to makeup and outfit choices, the Queen always gets it right. Take a cue from her Paula. 

So what do you think? I'd love to see some of your letter grades for these and other celebrities last night.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014


 photo f3e6804b-44e0-457a-a70a-8a8d6c9e586e_zps6fe15550.jpg
 photo fcc4390f-413d-4f79-8635-168ca3f64af6_zpsdf67edfd.jpg
 photo fe830ebb-d48a-415f-b00e-c270946fe4dc_zpsc50e8884.jpg
 photo 94cbc847-3739-44cb-995a-746b1ed2c180_zps53e6f93d.jpg

Are folks still wearing sneaker wedges and liquid leggings? I shot and wore this outfit over a year ago and rediscovered these photos while trying to de-clutter my computer. So here you have it; my #tbt for the day! 

WEARING: gap vest (FABULOUS PLAID OPTION), h&m button down, (LIQUID LEGGINGS), big buddha sneaker wedges (SIMILARSTUDDED LEOPARD OPTION), gifted leopard scarf, thrifted belt, MICHAEL KORS TORTOISE WATCH
WORN: on a mini road trip to sacramento

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Sunday, January 12, 2014


 photo 07cd4615-6a86-4686-94dc-65e64f14b415_zpsd27bcad1.jpg
 photo 4d861ac8-ada1-4474-be77-74f3b0839821_zps0ea6b7eb.jpg
 photo b8352630-4934-4aad-91bf-ae007bf05ba4_zps13b8f33f.jpg
 photo 8cabe691-a88f-4624-b91f-a865df61bea1_zps9bc3e904.jpg
You remember THIS post, where I kept you in suspense about what was underneath my coat? Well, here's the big reveal! It's a $2 thrifted skirt from good ole Goodwill. Happy Monday folks. I'm officially counting down to Friday. 

WEARING: necklace from nordstrom, target sweater, thrifted skirt and belt from goodwill, nine west booties
WORN TO: see progy and bess

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Monday, January 6, 2014


 photo 3b12bf49-dded-47ce-aff0-0d71b56d639e_zpsfaaec525.jpg
 photo 71c740cf-8add-4bdf-8020-e9091678fd55_zpse83456b3.jpg
It's a new year, and I am starting it off on a bright note with a sunny yellow blazer and some new TORTOISE FRAMES courtesy of FIRMOO
 photo 8a5bf102-bc79-4f93-a744-6c2be7046439_zpsa2e3181a.jpg
 photo 45457d0a-0842-4715-bc70-b3c375f91f40_zps5b49c632.jpg
I typically go with more conservative, smaller, plain black frames, since I primarily wear my glasses at work, but 2014 seemed like a good year to do something different and I'm glad I did. I love these frames, and ordering/picking the right glasses online was easy breezy! There's a Virtual Try-On System so you can see exactly how you will look in the frames and it was also really helpful to see everyday people, like you and me, wearing FIRMOO glasses all over their site. 
 photo 57370b23-14a8-49ad-8b30-8734fbf6d685_zps041ec32e.jpg
FIRMOO gives away a limited number of complimentary frames each day HERE and Simply Chic readers can also use the code IAMBLOGS4 for a $30 voucher towards any of  THESE FRAMES.
 photo 2061cb32-8b99-40f9-b382-a7b3077cf448_zpsfcc90757.jpg
 photo f3a5906b-29c7-4ea0-97ad-aeec82213aca_zps3d051fc3.jpg
P.S. It only seemed right to triple the animal prints for the first day of 2014. Happy New Year!!

WEARING:  FIRMOO TORTOISE FRAMES c/o, zara blazer (SIMILAR) and blouse, h&m scarf (SIMILAR), current elliott jeans (SIMILAR BY JAMES JEANS)
WORN: on new years day & dinner at DESCO

So tell me what you think? Do you like the new specs? 

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