Tuesday, April 30, 2013

and then there were 4

 photo 78a5ab4c-c159-4f04-a945-d734b5265f70_zpsc950c0ef.jpg
(Outtake photo from THIS Katrina Davis shoot) 

...4 years that is. I'm a terrible, terrible blogger. Not only am I down to once a week posts, I also missed my 4 year blogiversary this past Saturday. I would apologize and tell you I am going to do better, but instead I will just say thank you for reading, thank you for your comments and emails, thank you for following and thank you for inspiring me to keep at it each and every time I want to give it up. I'm taking it one step at a time, but for now, cheers to another great year to come :)

P.S. I'm thinking a giveaway is a good way to celebrate 4 years! Any suggestions on what I should give away?

Monday, April 22, 2013

hat hair day

 photo e4ded637-6a30-4ead-8357-5a4af27e17e0_zps8f29cd85.jpg
 photo c5d89baf-692b-4aeb-b415-c01627e0379e_zps4a4e449e.jpg
 photo 70de90f4-589a-405f-8028-a5cfb10a8e22_zps639430ee.jpg
 photo 023777ef-e653-4ebe-9e7b-12b8507992f3_zps802b844c.jpg
 photo ae2ce4cf-1584-47eb-81f3-5265db61d782_zpsd6e27bae.jpg
I'm officially renaming bad hair days, hat hair days because when you can put a hat on, there's no such thing as a bad hair day

As soon as I spotted THIS acid wash baseball cap in Target, I knew I had to have it. It's multifunctional, protecting my skin from the sun, hiding hair that needs some TLC, and adding interest to an outfit whether you choose to dress up, dress down or land somewhere in between like I did here.

wearing: TARGET DENIM BASEBALL HAT, TARGET BRIGHT STRIPED SCARF, nordstrom blouse, gap jeans (YELLOW DOT JEANS), sam edelman sandals, michael kors bag, earrings via STOP SHOP & ROLL

worn to: lunch at HOT ITALIAN

Sunday, April 14, 2013

when one isn't enough

 photo 25b41ba0-0cc3-4edd-8127-6e1c4e9559c5_zpsea428269.jpg
 photo 1067d624-6f58-4afb-969a-90904a06807b_zps49d67e95.jpg
 photo 891f0561-1cda-4a22-81c9-065c49fbc366_zps0ec59a0b.jpg
 photo 7b892af1-a6d6-49b1-8135-e9bdf3a58f46_zpsaad92509.jpg
Remember THIS post, where I was battling the wind? Well, this is the purple and pink version of that same sweater, and once again I was battling the wind. That's what happens when you're always surrounded by water. #CaliGirlProblems

Do you ever buy the same thing in multiple colors? This is very rare for me, but I caught a super duper deal on these cardigans and I had to do it!

wearing: hive & hone cardigan (LOVE THESE COLORS), gifted scarf, NY&CO denim shirt, michael kors bag, thrifted belt, toms aviators
worn to: treasure island flea

Monday, April 8, 2013

printed pants & peplum

 photo d1f00fb2-f0cc-4e99-b3ef-3d07f4f02d17_zps35b84cfb.jpg
 photo 00e6f270-c3f4-4ff6-b5cc-b7e03de22426_zps9b17d3e8.jpg
 photo 3da8bea4-03a4-4dd5-b993-31f6743a5afb_zpsbb208c4f.jpg
 photo c4914513-da85-4abe-9f80-015a67ac5110_zps2ac75288.jpg
When it comes to trends I'm always two steps behind. Printed pants have been all the rage for a couple of seasons, right? I don't know, but I'm just now getting into them and we have this $12.99 pair from H&M to thank for that. 

worn to: dinner 

Monday, April 1, 2013

easter dress

 photo faae9b74-dcd4-4bf1-9802-9378c47fbc82_zps174cbbe7.jpg
 photo 18f4fb3d-4419-4551-aadd-9950e60a314e_zps51a93185.jpg
When I got dressed on Sunday morning, I thought to myself "there is nothing about this that says Easter". But you know how it is when you really want to wear something, and don't have time to change even if you wanted to? 
 photo 3235346d-feea-4d73-8c7c-e0a2ef608eca_zps7bc5c19f.jpg
The lovely folks at eShakti sent this dress to me ages ago, and there was never a good time to wear it because I rarely dress up. My office is casual and my church is casual, so I knew Easter Sunday needed to be the occasion to wear it. Luckily it rained a lot, and I didn't feel so bad about not being in bright colors
 photo 2d11c0ff-0392-43a9-8a23-5784e8e0df65_zps63504ac1.jpg
 photo 58e2a852-15a9-4ae2-984f-84b4483c5ff7_zps16e542f1.jpg
How was your Easter? Did you go traditional with whites, brights and pastels? 

wearing: eShakti dress c/o, zara jacket (SPLURGESTEAL), MICHAEL KORS TORTOISE WATCH
worn to: church & brunch 

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