Sunday, April 14, 2013

when one isn't enough

 photo 25b41ba0-0cc3-4edd-8127-6e1c4e9559c5_zpsea428269.jpg
 photo 1067d624-6f58-4afb-969a-90904a06807b_zps49d67e95.jpg
 photo 891f0561-1cda-4a22-81c9-065c49fbc366_zps0ec59a0b.jpg
 photo 7b892af1-a6d6-49b1-8135-e9bdf3a58f46_zpsaad92509.jpg
Remember THIS post, where I was battling the wind? Well, this is the purple and pink version of that same sweater, and once again I was battling the wind. That's what happens when you're always surrounded by water. #CaliGirlProblems

Do you ever buy the same thing in multiple colors? This is very rare for me, but I caught a super duper deal on these cardigans and I had to do it!

wearing: hive & hone cardigan (LOVE THESE COLORS), gifted scarf, NY&CO denim shirt, michael kors bag, thrifted belt, toms aviators
worn to: treasure island flea


  1. i really love your classic style! new follower :)

  2. I like the colors of your scarf and cardigan!

  3. Yes, especially when it's good quality and the style is a classic one. Cute scarf!

  4. You look so pretty here. I love the look alot, well done sweety
    And thanks for visiting my last post.. Kisses

  5. I'm loving the bag! Yes I've picked up shoes in different colors I know the feeling!

  6. Nice layering :) ... And yes I have a cross on the back of my ankle thinking about getting it redone .

    Thanx again dear for reading Faith Family Fashion

  7. You and the wind are having a love affair, or is it a love hate relationship? Your cardigan is so pretty. I am sure you had an enjoyable time at Treasure Island flea.

  8. I do it all of the time! lol. I love the cardi!

  9. This is such a chic outfit! Love the colorful cardigan!

  10. You look great; I'm loving the color combo..

  11. Amazing outfit! Love the details and color combination, nice job styling!
    Kisses from Miami,

  12. Awesome outfit! Love the cardigan and chambray look. =) You're absolutely gorgeous!
    Found you via the Rolled Up Pretty linkup. =)

  13. you look so pretty! I love the layering and that cardi is so cute!

    C's Evolution of Style


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