Monday, February 24, 2014


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Remember not too long ago in THIS POST when I was ragging a bit on California style? Well, one good thing about Cali style is Converse! I don't know the history of Converse and why people associate the brand with California (maybe because of Ice Cube???) but we'll take it!

WEARING: GAP CARDIGAN & jeans (SIMILAR), CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR (dying for these LEOPARD one's), zara trench, h&m scarf, LV speedy 30
WORN TO: run errands

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


As I stated in my last post, I went on a little adventure this past weekend, and that little adventure took me and 6 other ladies and gents to Lake Tahoe and we had a ball!!! We rented a condo in the Tahoe Keys and ate, drank, played games, gambled, and partied! 
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(condo view)
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(emerald bay state park)
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(el dorado beach)

Yes, skiing is missing off the list because unfortunately it was too windy to ski. But, I was just fine looking at the snow covered mountains in the distance. California is such a beautiful state!

PS: Has anyone ever played Cards Against Humanity? So fun!

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Lake Tahoe**
If you want to stay in a vacation rental property, I recommend booking through LAKE TAHOE ACCOMMODATIONS. They give you complimentary wine when you arrive and after you book with them once you get 10% off all future rentals!

Also, EMERALD BAY is a must visit. The views are stunning and worth every minute of the windy drive up. Remember to bundle up. It's significantly colder up there than the "flatter" parts of the area. 

WEARING: hive & honey cardigan (SIMILARSIMILAR ON SUPER SALE),KAMIK WILDWOOD RAIN BOOTS, scarf from sample sale at work

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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 photo winter_hat.jpg
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Remember when I talked about HAT HAIR DAYS? They use to be few and far between, but now that I am growing out my relaxer, they are taking over my life. I am used to doing my hair myself once a week, but now I go to  the salon every 2 weeks, and around day 10, I have no idea what to do with my limp, bodyless hair (suggestions welcomed). Until I figure it out, I will be growing my hat collection.

PS-I'm going on a little adventure this weekend. Make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM to tag alone. 

WEARING: target hat (EYEING THIS ONE), ann taylor loft cardigan, GAP 1969 LEGGING JEANS, nine west booties (SIMILAR), circle scarf from marshalls
WORN TO: dinner

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Monday, February 3, 2014


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 photo black_white_asymmetrical_dress4.jpg
 photo black_white_dress.jpg
 photo black_white_asymmetrical_dress3.jpg
I love California and I love the Bay Area, but people are so casual here. And I am not talking about during the day. That's fine (although there is nothing wrong with getting cute for brunch). I'm mostly talking about nightlife. Back when I was living in Atlanta, I could have worn this dress on any given Friday  or Saturday night, but not here. This dress sat in my closet for months before FINALLY an event came my way where I felt like I could wear it and not be overdressed. Perhaps it's just the places that I'm going because after all I'm a good bit older than I was  when I was in Atlanta, and I tend more towards nice dinners, drinks and lounges than I do clubs and big parties these days. But whatever the reason, I miss not needing a special occasion to get dolled up :-/

 In 2014, maybe I should wear what I want when I want and when people look at me like who does she think she is, I'll say Simply Chic. BAM! Cheers to a prosperous week ahead.

ETA: Read what author Danielle Steel has to say about San Francisco style HERE. It’s not very pleasant :-/

WEARING: c. luce dress (similar HERE,HERE,HERE), nordstrom necklace, JEAN MICHEL CAZABAT EMMA PUMPS
WORN TO: holiday party

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