Monday, February 3, 2014


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I love California and I love the Bay Area, but people are so casual here. And I am not talking about during the day. That's fine (although there is nothing wrong with getting cute for brunch). I'm mostly talking about nightlife. Back when I was living in Atlanta, I could have worn this dress on any given Friday  or Saturday night, but not here. This dress sat in my closet for months before FINALLY an event came my way where I felt like I could wear it and not be overdressed. Perhaps it's just the places that I'm going because after all I'm a good bit older than I was  when I was in Atlanta, and I tend more towards nice dinners, drinks and lounges than I do clubs and big parties these days. But whatever the reason, I miss not needing a special occasion to get dolled up :-/

 In 2014, maybe I should wear what I want when I want and when people look at me like who does she think she is, I'll say Simply Chic. BAM! Cheers to a prosperous week ahead.

ETA: Read what author Danielle Steel has to say about San Francisco style HERE. It’s not very pleasant :-/

WEARING: c. luce dress (similar HERE,HERE,HERE), nordstrom necklace, JEAN MICHEL CAZABAT EMMA PUMPS
WORN TO: holiday party

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  1. Yes BAM is right! That dress is everything!

  2. Colorado is the same way. If you wear a dress at all people ask what you're so dressed up for. Regardless, this dress is SO pretty! I love the cut of the skirt part!

  3. Yes, I was going to say just that... be over dressed and be fabulous!!!!

  4. You look gorgeous, love the skirt's cut. Lol and my mama always said there's no such thing as over dressed!

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  5. Beautiful sweety.. Love your dress

  6. Beautiful!!! Yes, say BAM and thank you MA'AM...old school! lol

  7. YES BAM!! Looks fantastic on you. Its better to be overdressed I say ;-)

  8. do it! I support it! Great dress btw!

  9. Gorgeous. That cut on the bottom left side is so edgy and perfect.

  10. That hem! This is a for sure BAM title post! ;)

    xo Carlina

  11. BAM indeed! I love the dress and the leopard print heels were the perfect touch! Headed to read that San Fran style article. I plan to visit this summer.


  12. you worked this honey!! I would honestly think Cali would have a great style scene, or maybe it has to be better than here in KY lol!

    C's Evolution of Style

  13. So in love with your chic outfit! :)

  14. The epitome of class. I don't know what Danielle Steele is talking about. Maybe you weren't living in the Bay Area around the time she was? Lol.

    "In 2014, maybe I should wear what I want when I want and when people look at me like who does she think she is, I'll say Simply Chic. BAM!"


  15. I totally agree with your post title, you look stunning and this dress is amazing.
    I hate feeling like I have things in my closet with no place to wear them, it's so sad!
    Chic on the Cheap

  16. BAM is right!!!
    Gorgeous gorgeous dress.
    I like dressing up on any day of the week when I feel like it.
    Happy for you that you finally wore the dress.

  17. I used to feel that way,but no longer.I'm usually the "overdressed" when I go out but hey BANM! you look great,love that dress

  18. Oooh that dress is absolutely beautiful!

    Trending In Fashion

  19. This dress was made just for you... You look FLAWLESS!


  20. you look stunning! you should wear this dress more often, instead of waiting to go to an event, why not host your own!!


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