Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I'm wearing 3 things in this post I absolutely love. Can you guess what they are??

 photo gap_printed_pants7.jpg
 photo gap_printed_pants3.jpg
 photo gap_printed_pants6.jpg
 photo gap_printed_pants4.jpg
 photo gap_printed_pants.jpg
 photo gap_printed_pants5.jpg
Yep, printed pants, trench coat and pumps. These are 3 things essential to my simple chicness.
 The trench is timeless and classic and when you pair it with funky pants and a sexy pump, especially one in leopard, you can't really go wrong. Honorable mention goes to my white blouse. I own a ton of them, but not enough. Go figure.

WEARING: zara trench & blouse, gap printed pants (GAP TROPICAL PRINTED JEANS), DOONEY & BOURKE DILLEN (now under $300),JEAN MICHEL CAZABAT EMMA PUMPS, thrifted necklaces

Monday, May 19, 2014


 photo persunmall_shorts_blouse3.jpg
 photo persunmall_shorts_blouse2.jpg
 photo persunmall_shorts_blouse4.jpg
 photo persunmall_shorts_blouse.jpg
 photo persunmall_shorts_blouse5.jpg
Remember THIS post where I shared my PERSUNMALL wishlist with you? Well, guess what? Wishes do come true. I've gotten so many compliments on this blouse and I will be wearing these versatile shorts all summer long! And as I said before my favorite thing about this site is that they add new styles to their site every single day, bringing a whole new meaning to the term fast fashion!

WORN TO: lunch at ARCADIA FARMS in Scottsdale

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Scottsdale**
I don't think Scottsdale is known for their food, but they should be. Here are some must try restaurants:

ARCADIA FARMS: Great lunch menu (I recommend the chicken and leek crepe), $20 pitchers of Sangria, absolutely adorable patio. So good I went two days in a row!
THE HERB BOX: Red velvet pancakes? Yes please!! And the most delicious mango mimosa. I would go just for that and the super cute ambiance.
OLIVE & IVY: Another one with great food and ambiance. It's kinda swank, so I suggest it for a fancy, but not too pricey meal. You can't go wrong with the the chicken scallopini or veal ravioli (unless you're a vegetarian of course)

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Monday, May 12, 2014


When you travel, what do you wear? Are you a sweats type of girl (or guy)? Do you dress in layers to be warm? Do you dress up? 
 photo yellow_jeans.jpg
 photo yellow_jeans2.jpg
I typically wear whatever I am going to wear for the day or night because I normally hit the ground running when land. So that means it needs to be cute, not so warm that I'm going to sweat and get stinky and something that's wrinkle free. 
 photo sedona2.jpg
(the view from my hotel...SEDONA SUMMIT RESORT)
 photo bcbgeneration_blayne.jpg
 photo yellow_jeans4.jpg
On my flight to Phoneix, this is what I wore. My jeans are stretchy and comfy like leggings, but cuter ;) The blouse is some material that will never, ever wrinkle, I had a cute little scalloped crop top underneath to help beat the Arizona heat, and I could run a marathon in those wedges!
 photo sedona.jpg
(pit stop on the jeep tour)
 photo yellow_jeans3.jpg

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Sedona**
Take a Jeep Tour! There are several companies to choose from (I did A DAY IN THE WEST) and because the competition is so stiff, you can always find a Groupon or another daily deal. Be prepared. It's extremely windy as there are no windows and very bumpy, but totally worth it!

WORN TO: travel to arizona

Monday, May 5, 2014


If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you know I recently got back from a fabulous Arizona getaway! I've been to Scottsdale before, but this was my first time in Sedona, and holy smokes it is absolutely GORGEOUS
 photo neon_nikes4.jpg
 photo neon_nikes.jpg
 photo neonnikes10.jpg
(I've never been good with maps. Thank God for Siri. Ha!)
 photo sedonaredrocks2.jpg
On this particular day we were supposed to go the Grand Canyon, but the forecast called for snow and thunderstorms. Can you believe that? So we stayed put and I am so glad we did, because I can't imagine a day at the Grand Canyon would have been more beautiful than a day amongst the red rocks. 
 photo neonnikes4.jpg
(Don't let the sunshine on the rocks fool you. It was freezing)
 photo Sedona_VG31.jpg
(Chapel of the Holy Cross)
 photo neon_nikes2.jpg
 photo neon_nikes3.jpg
 photo sedonaredrocks.jpg
(An 80+ year old man lives in that big mansion all by himself)

I was not expecting temperatures in the 40's on a late April trip to Arizona, and I refused to bring a coat, so I just layered up and tried to be simply chic, simply comfortable, and simply warm. I think I nailed everything except the latter :(

WEARING: old navy striped tee, zara jacket, gap puff vest & jeans, circle scarf from tj maxx, neon nikes from DSW

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Sedona**
Sedona is a pretty large city and it's divided into 3 very distinct areas; Uptown Sedona, West Sedona, and Oak Creek. Stay in West Sedona if you want to be close but not right in all the action. Uptown is nice with swank hotels and shops, but beware it's a bit touristy. Oak Creek is further out and I would probably not stay out there but you must take the drive up Hwy 179 (preferably in a Jeep...when in Rome, right) that leads to Oak Creek. It's breathtaking!

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