Wednesday, September 16, 2015


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I try to dress my age. I promise I do. But there's something about novelty sweaters that I'm drawn to. And backpacks? They are far more comfortable than purses (even a cross-body), especially when I have my camera with me. So what can I say? It's all about bikes and backpacks today. Happy Hump Day! 

PS-I'm less than a week away from my annual September vacay. Who can guess where I'm going?! Hint: I have a 14 hour direct flight from New York & it's not in Europe. Follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or TWITTER for the big revel.

WEARING: h&m peach blazer, the limited bike sweater (SIMILAR,SIMILAR) gap jeans, ISOLA BRIANNA SANDAL ON SALE FOR $44TARGET BACKPACK

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


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Labor Day has come and gone and before we know it we will be in full fall style mode. But for now, most of us are in transition, where you may or may not need a jacket and sandals are still acceptable. 

And speaking of sandals being acceptable, have we talked about open toe heels/sandals in a business casual environment? Is this simply chic or simply wrong? I always thought it was not ok, but I'm a woman and I'm allowed to change my mind. I love a good pump for work, but every now and then, especially on a Friday when you have plans after work OR when it's a million degrees outside, I say give them some toe.

WEARING: bebe leather jacket (SIMILAR FOR $85), nordstrom blouse, top shop pants (GOOD ALTERNATIVE), dolce vita sandals, furla bag (SIMILAR UNDER $200), kenneth cole necklace 
WORN TO: work and drinks

let's get social
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