Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i like the way you move

The best thing about being on a shopping diet is rediscovering items in your closet.
The worst thing is not being able to shop, obviously.
I bought this skirt from Benetton 5+ years ago and I probably haven't even worn it 5 times.
I don't know why something that moves so beautifully with the wind would not get more use.
Moral of the blog post...save yourself some money and find hidden treasures by shopping in your own closet :)

wearing: f21 top, united colors of benetton skirt, steve madden heels, thrifted necklace, mom's earrings
worn to: lunch at LE CHEVAL


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i need your help!

I am so excited to be a finalist for the CBS San Francisco Most Valuable Blogger Award. I'm honored to just be nominated, but it would be pretty cool to win, and that's where I need your help. Please VOTE FOR ME HERE. Voting stays open until September 9th, and you can vote once a day until then. Let's show these people that Simply Chic readers are the best! On to the post...

Is it just me or do jumpers remind you of pj's?
Perhaps it's just because they are so comfortable?
Either way, this will be in heavy rotation from now well into fall.

wearing: j crew cardigan, f21 jumper, dolce vita heels, tiffany & co necklace michael kors watch, bracelet purchased in south africa, chic shop ring
worn to: wine tasting at ROCK WALL

Don't forget to VOTE!

Monday, August 22, 2011

who wears short shorts?

This is not an outfit I had any intentions of posting. I was just out having a picnic under a canopy of trees, and decided to practice shooting in the shade.
I don't think my photography teacher would be impressed with these pictures, but I kind of like them.
They are somewhat soft and blurry (don't know the correct terms), and I find that quite interesting.
On a random note, I've had this bag for almost 2 years, and the straps are already unraveling!! If the leather wasn't so soft I'd be ticked off ;)

wearing: nordstom necklace, urban top, old navy shorts, kenneth cole sandals, english laundry sunnies, badgley mischka bag
worn to: a pizza party picnic in the park

Last but not least, a special thank you to
Sharda Sewdien for the blog award :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

blocks of color

This dress is one of my all time favorite thrifted purchases, hence the enormous smile on my face.
It's not exactly my size, so I mask its "bigness" with a denim jacket...
and a thrifted belt.

Maybe one day I'll get it altered and go jacketless (never beltless).
But for now, this will do :)

wearing: thrifted dress & belt, f21 jacket, steve madden shoes, michael kors tortoise watch
worn to: dinner at CREASIAN

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Those of you who follow me on TWITTER likely know that last Monday was my birthday! I had a low key fabulous WEEK of fun doing all the things I love most...
RELAXING (deluxe mani & chocolate mint pedi at THE LOUNGE NAIL SPA & BOUTIQUE)
EATING (baby back ribs and parmesan truffle fries at OOLA, soft shell crab fried rice at CREASIAN)
COCKTAILING (a mojito or 3 & wine tasting at ROCK WALL WINE CO)
SHOPPING ( a top, a clock, a jumper and an ipad that's en route)
MORE EATING (red velvet cheesecake all the way from brooklyn & ice cream..fried and in a waffle cone)

Thanks for the happy bday wises that poured in all day on TWITTER. You guys rock!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ebew: pattern mixing

I was very happy when I found out that the next EVERYBODY EVERYWEAR challenge was going to be pattern mixing because that is something I could easily participate in. I thought about doing stripes, or dots like I normally do but I decided to do a challenge within a challenge and challenge myself to switch things up a bit ;) Can't wait to head over to EVERYBODY EVERYWEAR and see what the other ladies came up with.

wearing: h&m bodysuit, old navy jacket, urban pants, steve madden luxe heels, michael kors watch
worn to: dinner at OOLA

Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear

Note to self, don't shoot fatigue against trees and bushes next time. Ugh!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

as white as it gets

As I mentioned on TWITTER I went to a great charity event last Friday that recommended white attire.
Well, I'm not a huge fan of all white and I don't really like being told what to do (or wear), so of course I had to add some color. Hello peach blazer and turquoise necklace:)
I hate to keep wearing this necklace, but it conveniently goes with everything so you will probably continue to see a lot of it.
I didn't properly introduce you to this ring the first time I showed it on the blog because I don't know who makes it and I don't know what animal it's supposed to be. What do you think? I'm going with owls...
The event was held in this beautiful mansion and on the 50 acres that it sits on. If you look closely you will see I was not the only one who added color.

wearing: zara blazer, j crew tee, urban jeans, bcbg heels, necklace from nordstom, ring from macys, opi cajun shrimp, revlon kiss me coral
worn to: DUNSMUIR HOUSE for an event