Monday, October 28, 2013


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 photo e6b4c687-5c5d-4906-965c-98db9de8f11f_zpsf4d36b24.jpg
 photo 895c087c-aa63-4091-9459-23a0e5a5693e_zps020c99de.jpg
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 photo 421b80f8-ce4c-42aa-8730-94123e72199c_zpsa3e4da71.jpg
Just showing Ms. Jolie how it's done ;) 

WEARING: gap cardigan, urban outfitters skirt (SUPER CUTE OPTION), nordstrom necklace, matiko wedges (SIMILAR)
WORN TO: brunch

Monday, October 21, 2013


 photo 7c8ee79a-9e42-4a06-a008-8ea83caa1917_zps26048941.jpg
On my final night in Greece I wore this OLD NAVY MAXI DRESS that I scored for the low-low..$4 to be exact. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even gotten it that cheap as a hand me down in Goodwill, so basically I got the deal of the decade week. 
 photo 23c61c4f-3003-4d78-bda2-334a1e35bf15_zps789148b4.jpg
 photo dbac5564-a916-48a2-86c3-89264d1c09a7_zpsfa6a598b.jpg
I think the ethnic inspired print paired nicely with my twists and extra sun kissed skin. Everyone thought I was from the Caribbean or Africa while I was there anyway, so WHY NOT play it up and not crush anyone's dream when I tell them "nope I'm from California" Ha! 
 photo 83dc755a-b242-46a8-afd6-1aea7873db56_zpse28b247d.jpg
 photo 8e6e49cd-d343-43c7-82e9-3f1e1aff8b4c_zps361b9742.jpg
I hope you enjoyed all of my outfits and photos from Greece as much as I enjoyed reliving the trip with you! I have some pretty gorgeous shots on my INSTAGRAM that I might share on the blog also, but in the meantime make sure you follow me HERE

 WEARINGOLD NAVY TUBE MAXI DRESS (also love THIS MINI one), gap sweater, thrifted clucth, revlon flirt nail polish, target earrings, MICHAEL KORS TORTISE WATCH
WORN: on the last night in Santorini

And, at last I leave you with one final, but extra important tip and some more amazing photos!
 photo 79a467c5-1f20-475a-8cf7-067573c864c1_zps81f51255.jpg
(This view of the CALDERA took my breath away the first time I saw it)
 photo 5e0b82b2-34c6-491c-a21d-d2fdb2a018f2_zps46afcae3.jpg
(The famous Santorini sunset, shot from the porch of my hotel)

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Greece**
No need to get the international data plan or whatever it's called for your phone. If staying connected is important to you book a hotel with Wifi and most restaurants, whether they advertise it or not, have Wifi. You just have to ask for the password. To be on the safe side, put your phone in airplane mode as soon as you land so you won't get hit with any random charges, and you're all set. 

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Monday, October 14, 2013


 photo 62ffe51c-012f-42ea-a856-a57f3683d6c6_zpsfd5cdd76.jpg
 photo d3e72833-edcc-42a2-a490-b931b078e30f_zps52794f7f.jpg
 photo ae003fbb-8669-4bfa-b4c8-69d29f5a8bb3_zpsf2fb0b64.jpg
 photo 4793b2ea-74ab-4b80-9ea4-1b3e51884ecb_zpsabf1e126.jpg
I buy bikinis almost as much as I buy shoes, and this J. Crew/Target bikini combo is bar none my favorite right now. I wore this retro inspired suit earlier this summer to a pool party, and then again to Perissa, one of the many gorgeous black sand beaches in Santorini.
 photo d1dd7d10-d64d-4e26-a406-cbe9bd3d7d95_zps65758f14.jpg
I always thought it was so cool to be laying on the beach in California and look out and see the mountains in the distance, and it still is very cool.  However, I was completely amazed to see a  beach with mountains just steps away. In my book, it's the 8th wonder of the world. 

WEARING: hat from greece street vendor, target bikini top, J. CREW POLKA-DOT RETRO BRIEF
WORN TO: perissa beach in santorini
 photo 882fff42-9257-42ec-b548-b5d18a094100_zpsa38a4aba.jpg

**Simply Chic Travel Tip**
On the the other side of that beautiful mountain, there is another, larger more lively beach called Kamari. There is a complimentary shuttle boat that takes you from one side to the other, so you don't have to swim ;) Perissa beach is also an extension of Perivolos beach. Go here if you like water activities. 

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Sunday, October 6, 2013


 photo f2592158-e37c-4b7b-8746-3cdd62e1da5e_zpsc0053d19.jpg
 photo 8992e557-f5e8-406a-aabf-431d36b1692c_zps19942e52.jpg
 photo 0e92f9fb-7201-402c-936b-af1577c20862_zps8f8f7b05.jpg
 photo 1afe6f4b-64c7-4a00-b4df-f0a2f3ff1fcb_zps5b364909.jpg
 photo 1264df9c-8a2b-458e-8849-4a7a095f7f9e_zpsfc21f3ca.jpg
As I mentioned in my LAST POST "why not" is a common phrase in Greece. When I first got to my hotel in Mykonos, I asked the bellman if he was having a good day, and he shrugged his shoulders and said "Why not?! The weather is great!" and I cracked up because that is such a funny, unorthodox response to that particular question. Little did I know, the Greek answer "why not" to everything, and that is how I feel about this outfit. Yes I'm mixing 4 prints, and 4+ colors, but why not? Pattern play is a good thing, right?

WEARING: scarf via sample sale from work, old navy button down, BANANA REPUBLIC MILLY elephant shorts, LUCKY BRAND DOVE FLATS UNDER $25 a.k.a the most comfortable shoes
WORN TO: explore santorini

 photo 901c1524-395f-4bea-9bde-815b6c3ede7e_zpsd2f62b59.jpg
 photo 15cffef5-06ad-4168-ab31-f93588eea53d_zpsb33e4c41.jpg
**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Santorini**
Leave your heels at home and make sure you are in the best shape of your life before you go. Santorini has to be the hilliest place on earth. Sure you could catch a cab, or the city bus everywhere, but you'll miss out on all the beauty you see when you explore by foot. O, and there are hundreds and hundreds of steep stairs all over this island. So again, leave your heels at home. You can be chic in flats ;)

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