Sunday, September 29, 2013


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Hi. My name is Simply Chic, I wear white after Labor Day, and I think you should too. 
Whether you are in Mykonos or Santorini, where you blend right in with all the white buildings, or you are back in the states in a colorful botanical garden, white is a good idea year ‘round. As they say in Greece, “why not”.

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Greek Islands**
When travelling between islands I highly recommend taking the ferry vs a plane. It’s the most chaotic organized process (picture 100’s of people and some cars entering a massive boat with no line yet somehow the boarding process is quicker than a Delta shuttle flight) BUT you get to see various islands as you travel to your destination.

WEARING: nordstrom necklace, old navy dress (SIMILAR),thrifted belt, STEVE MADDEN TROVE SANDAL
WORN TO: travel from mykonos to santorini

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  1. Love that you have the blue necklace just like the ocean. You look amazing!

    1. o and just like a lot of the doors and windowpanes! i hadn't put two and two together. thanks!

  2. Your outfit is cute and your hair (braids) is fabulous. The backdrop (landscape) is amazing. I can tell you had loads of fun on your vacation.

  3. You look so amazing!! Love this chic summery look so much.

  4. You look cool comfortable and chic. The eyelet dress looks great on you. I wear white whenever I can in SFla.

  5. First and Foremost: I love your blog's new design. It popped right out at me. Your dress is so dainty and pretty. For a split second, I thought I was also on this marvelous vacation. You did a magnificent job explaining everything, and the view is awesome!!

  6. Loooooove the new layout--so chic and sophisticated! I also think that your hair has been dynamite AND this dress is so pretty on you!

  7. gasp! Stunning! so beautiful and I cant get over your hair, so gorgeous! P.s. love the new logo too!

  8. I had gone through it thoroughly its really worth to spent time on it and i really got to know a lot more from it .


  9. The white rule is meant to be broken. I love your dress, you look fab!

  10. I never pay attention to that white rule, LOL. You look so pretty in white and I love that gorgeous statement necklace. The setting where you are looks amazing. I bet the food is to live for!

  11. The backdrop is so beautiful. Perfect complement to the fresh outfit. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  12. Yeah - that labour day rule....
    I don't wear white generally but I definitely wear it AFTER labour day almost to be defiant. lol. Cute dress and wherever you are looks amazing.

  13. I am catching up on your blog, I love the pictures from your vacation! I also feel the same as you, wear white whenever you want :). Have a great weekend!


  14. Awesome pics, incredible actually.

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  16. You are so beautiful! My first visit to your blog and i'm definitely returning. what camera do you use, pls?

  17. Your pictures of Greece are so beautiful!! Santorini is one of my dream destinations!! Got me excited all over again looking at the pics :-)

  18. Gorgeous. I recently found a white sweater, and have been wearing that thing out. Lol
    It looks like you had a nice time in Greece.

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