Monday, August 15, 2016


 I took an unintentional mini blogger break to travel & celebrate my birthday & take in all of summer sixteen. I wasn't purposely giving you the cold shoulder. Sometimes life just happens ;)

With that said how much are we loving the off the shoulder trend? I was never a tube top, show off the shoulder kind of girl, but this trend right here, I can get down with. 

WEARING: forever 21 dress (SIMILAR FOR $23), isola shoes, necklace from dsw

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Monday, July 25, 2016


Once upon a time there was a girl who “snuck” onto an all white boat party, not wearing all (or any) white. Her name was Simply Chic and this is what she wore. Why blend in when you were born to stand out?!?! 
So in reality, this did happen to me and I would typically never stand out in this way (although I hate being told what to wear to an event), but when your ride sneaks on the boat you really have no other choice but to sneak on too. And o what a time we had :)

WEARING: f21 top (OPTION 1, OPTION 2) zara shorts (SIMILAR), target belt (SIMILAR), isola shoes, j crew necklace

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Little unknown facts about me, I love churches, specifically big beautiful cathedrals. The stained glass windows, the beautiful architecture, the dim lighting--everything about them brings a calming sense of  peace and I love to visit them around the world and even in my own backyard. I stumbled upon this Greek Orthodox Cathedral randomly about a month ago and the entire property is so picturesque, I knew I wanted to use it for my next shoot. AND fittingly (or perhaps inappropriately) the first thing I picked out for this shoot was my favorite Holy Chic shirt, and thrifted pale yellow 50's skirt. 

WEARING: old navy shirt (I LOVE GRAPHIC TEES), thrifted skirt (SUPER CUTE, SUPER ON SALE) neiman marcus bag, mix no. 6 shoes (ONLY $34.99)
WORN: on #sundayfunday

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Monday, July 11, 2016


Taken from my INSTAGRAM

We don't need to look like each other, talk like each other, think like each other to feel for one another. This basic human emotion (empathy) is what's lacking & that is a huge reason why we are where we are. But as a child of God, I'm making a conscience effort to lead by example and be less angry & more hopeful than I was last week #prayingforpeace #prayingforhealing #prayingforjustice

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Monday, June 27, 2016


Busy is probably the most overused word in the dictionary.  However we're all  busy in our own right and that's why the jumpsuit should be a staple in everyone's closet. On those days when you're running late, or have 5 million things going on, or don't know what to pack, the jumpsuit allows you to just one piece and go! And be chic while you're doing it. Happy Monday you busy people. 

WEARING: bar III jumpsuit (CUTE OPTION), necklace from DSW, isola shoes
WORN TO: a day party in LA this year, and my birthday party last year

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Monday, June 20, 2016


Can you guess who makes my blouse?
Yep, you guessed it! Rachel Roy a.k.a Becky With The Good Hair. I think I'm too old to be part of the Beyhive, but I do love me some Beyonce and I almost burned this shirt after Rachel's infamous "Good hair don't care" post. However, I'm not that crazy. I love this shirt and all my Rachel Roy stuff and every piece shall remain safe and sound in my closet where they belong.

WEARING: rachel roy top, banana republic pants, NINE WEST BOOTIES UNDER $50
WORN TO: work 

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I've had this jacket over a year and I still haven't worn it anywhere other than to this blog shoot. I LOVE bright in your face yellow, but there is something intimidating about this jacket. I feel like I need the perfect occasion to wear it and that just hasn't come yet. Any suggestions? If you guys can't help me I'll just wear it on my next next Target run :) 

WEARING: zara jacket, gap jeans, jean michel cazabat pumps
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It seems a little odd to be posting a wrap when we unofficially started summer this week, but with the temperamental weather in the Bay Area, this baby alpaca poncho/wrap can be worn year-round. Plus, I couldn't wait until fall to wear & show off my souvenir to myself from Peru. It's soft, versatile, lightweight but warm and unique. Everyone wants to know where I got it, and I proudly say Peru!

WEARING: poncho made & bought in peru, banana republic pants, zara heels
WORN: to work 

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Monday, May 23, 2016


After one day in Cusco, we got up relatively early and took a 2 hour private car ride to a train station in Ollantaytambo to then catch the 1.5 hour PeruRail Train to Aguas Calientes. The ride was picturesque and we really got a chance to see how folks live outside of the tourist area. And like Cusco, Machu Picchu Pueblo or Aguas Calientes (the charming town before you head up the hill) stole my heart!
Fashionista spotted from the car ride
Lots of colorful buildings throughout the shanty towns
2 hours later we made it to the train!
And 1.5 hours after that, all smiles at the train station in Machu Picchu Pueblo a.k.a Aguas Calientes. 
I wish you could hear how peaceful the water is flowing downstream. 

I wish I had more time in this town but shortly after arriving, I took the 20 minute bus ride up to...
MACHU PICCHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you can believe it, it's even more incredible in person!
Some folks hike for days. I opted for the 20 minute hike to the "top" :) And yes, I still needed a break or two on the way up.
And that my friends, was my journey to Machu Picchu! I enjoyed the whole trip so much, I'd do it again :)

**Simply Chic Travel Tips: Machu Picchu**
Several people told me to take the early trip to Machu Picchu and watch the sunrise. If you do the math that would have required me to leave my hotel in Cusco at some ungodly hour (2 or 3 a.m.) and I was not about that life. So I left around 8 a.m., got to MP around noon and that was perfect for me. If the sunrise is that important to you, I'd say take the 4 hour journey a day before and stay in Aguas Calientes. I don't know how great the accommodations are there, but as you can see the town is really lovely!