Monday, May 25, 2015


When you want to dress for the occasion, but not be so obvious, go with stars in black & white. Happy Memorial Day! 

Monday, May 18, 2015


 photo limited_scandal_cape.jpg
 photo a89a043a-9ea1-4888-b71c-4f23c9914b93.png
 photo limited_scandal_cape205.jpg
 photo the_limited_scandal_cape.png

Don't let the sunglasses fool you. It's cold! And it's been cold for weeks now. We are finally getting our May.

WEARING: the limited cape (BROOKS BROTHERS CAPE), BANANA REPUBLIC SLOAN SLIM FIT ANKLE PANTS, louis vuitton speedy bag, nine west pumps (GOOD OPTION)
WORN TO: church

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Monday, May 11, 2015


Last month I headed back to Scottsdale for my semi-annual (hopefully no semi—just annual) girl’s weekend/#spacation. Aside from the laid back, pure relaxation component of this trip, one of my favorite things about going to Scottsdale is that there is very little planning involved. We can just show up, and we already know where to eat, where to spa & what to do because if it ain’t broke…

 photo forever21_kimono202.jpg
 photo the-saguaro_scottsdale202.jpg
 photo forever21_kimono.jpg
This year we did try one new restaurant for breakfast that I highly recommend (DAILY DOSE), found a dinner spot we’ll try next year (SUMO MAYA), stumbled upon the cutest vintage boutique (FASHION BY ROBERT BLACK) & stayed at the vibrant instaready SAGUARO HOTEL
 photo the-saguaro_scottsdale203.jpg
 photo forever21_kimono203.jpg
 photo the-saguaro_scottsdale.jpg

In keeping with the laid back nature of the trip, I kept it comfy most of the extended weekend in flowy maxi dresses, kimonos, cut offs, bikinis and flats. All in all, it was a great weekend with great company!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


 photo ann_taylor_pencil_skirt_dolce_vita_tessah.jpg
 photo ann_taylor_pencil_skirt_dolce_vita_tessah206.jpg
 photo ann_taylor_pencil_skirt_dolce_vita_tessah204.jpg
 photo ann_taylor_pencil_skirt_dolce_vita_tessah205.jpg
 photo ann_taylor_pencil_skirt_dolce_vita_tessah202.jpg

I had the pleasure of teaming up and shooting with Brittany of WORK IT, BERK. Here's a snippet from our Q&A:

What’s your name? Where do you live? What do you do?Hi! I'm Simply Chic. I'm originally from Oakland, currently living in Emeryville and working in San Francisco, doing online marketing for a department store.

What do you like the most about blogging?My favorite thing about blogging is looking through and editing all the pictures, which is odd because my least favorite thing is taking the pictures. I also really, really appreciate all of my loyal readers and I enjoy reading their comments and checking out their pages. 

What do you do when you’re not blogging?I am trying new restaurants and recipes, taking a trip or planning one, checking my Instagram feed, pinning on Pinterest, volunteering, working my 9-5, and any & everything that involves being outdoors, except amusement parks. I’m terrified of roller coasters. 

Read the full interview HERE.

WEARING: GAP MERINO SWEATER (on sale for $19), ann taylor skirt (NEED THIS ONE FOR $23), DOLCE VITA TESSAH SANDALS (on sale for $56), earrings via ROCKSBOX, calvin klein necklace, neiman marcus bag
WORN TO: shoot with brittany & brunch at THE FRONT PORCH

PS. Loving my Gorjana earrings via ROCKSBOX, so much so that I am going to buy them at a discounted price with my shine spend! Don't forget to sign up & get your first month free with the code iamsimplychicxoxo. Details HERE. 

Monday, April 27, 2015


 photo j_crew_pineapple_sweater_nine_west_20thorie_pumps202.jpg
S I X years ago to the day this blog came to life. Can you believe that? It's hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that my first post was in 2009...crazy-bananas!
 photo j_crew_pineapple_sweater_nine_west_20thorie_pumps205.jpg
Back then, the blogesphere was far less saturated than it is now. Most of the bloggers I followed  at the time were dressed to the     N I N E S in every single post, and while they were fun to look at, what they wore wasn't really feasible for my every day world of going to work, and brunch and Target. Ha!
 photo j_crew_pineapple_sweater_nine_west_20thorie_pumps203.jpg
I created my blog as a place where women can see how other women who live ordinary lives dress. I created a place to hopefully inspire you and give you outfit ideas. I created a place to show you that classic, doesn't always mean boring especially when you add pineapples (and great pumps) on top.
 photo nine_west_thorie_20pumps.jpg
 photo j_crew_pineapple_sweater_nine_west_20thorie_pumps204.jpg
So, cheers to 6 years, sticktoitvness, classic style, and you — my lovely readers!

WEARING: h&m blazer (J CREW NAVY BLAZER), j crew pineapple sweater (SIMILAR), GAP 1969 WHITE SKINNY JEANS, nine west thorie pumps (SUMMER OPTION), cents of style california necklace (SIMILAR FOR $6)

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Monday, April 20, 2015


 photo eshakti_jacquard_full_skirt.jpg
 photo prade_heels.jpg
 photo eshakti_jacquard_full_skirt202.jpg
Whether you're a skinny minnie, a BBW or somewhere in between we all have issues getting our clothes to fit just the way we want them to. Well ladies, I have the perfect solution for you. eShakti! eShakti is all about customized sizing and I'm in love with this FLORAL JACQUARD FULL SKIRT they sent me!
 photo adbc879b-c098-41a0-88f2-e6d8d4b2239e.jpg
 When I turned 30 I vowed to stay away from girly silhouettes, but I had to go for it when I saw this gorgeous print (which is even more stunning in person).
 photo tory_burch_wallet_clutch.jpg
 photo eshakti_jacquard_full_skirt206.jpg
 Not only did they customize the skirt to my height and waist size, they also gave me the option for hem lengths, and of course I went with midi. The quality of this skirt and all of my eShakti pieces are superb. Order from them — you won't be disappointed! And for a limited time, my readers get 10% off with the code "simplychic". Happy shopping!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Guess who's a #RBItGirl for ROCKSBOX?!

 Yep, that would be me! Rocksbox is sort of like Rent The Runway, but for jewelry.  When you sign up, you fill out a quick style survey and based on your answers + the items you've added to your wishlist, they will send you 3 pieces of jewelry from great brands like Kendra Scott & House of Harlow. If you love your pieces, great! You can “rent” them for as long as you want OR you also have the option to buy them at a discount! If you don’t love them, swap them for something else. Did I mention you get free shipping both ways?!

 And guess what else you lucky ladies??!! For a limited time, when you sign up with the code iamsimplychicxoxo, you get your first month free! I highly recommend trying it out because—well who doesn’t like free stuff (especially jewelry) and if you're not satisfied after your first month you're not obligated to continue, but I have a strong feeling you will. Happy shopping!!!

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Monday, April 6, 2015


 photo 30316557-f15b-4d6f-8a04-916dd1e82397.jpg
 photo navy_jumpsuit207.jpg
 photo navy_jumpsuit202.jpg
 photo navy_jumpsuit205.jpg
 photo navy_jumpsuit206.jpg
 photo navy_jumpsuit204.jpg

Happy Easter (Monday)! I had my pink dress out and ready to go for church yesterday, but when I woke up it was cloudy, windy & cold, so I opted for a jumpsuit instead. And let me tell you, I love this jumpsuit. I feel like I can run the world every time I wear it!

WEARING: max studio jumpsuit (FABULOUS OPTION), h&m blazer (J CREW NAVY BLAZER), zara mules (SIMILAR), furla bag (SIMILAR UNDER $200), j crew necklace
WORN TO: church

Monday, March 30, 2015


 photo california_style204.jpg
 photo california_style205.jpg
 photo california_style207.jpg
 photo california_style203.jpg
 photo california_style.jpg
 photo california_style206.jpg

When I first moved back to California, I would complain on the blog about people being boring here in terms of style, but on some level I've grown to appreciate it. I mean after all "I Am Simply Chic" and I think on some level that's synonymous with California style. I love denim. I love white tops and I love to build something more interesting around those two things in various ways from bags, to shoes and everything in between. Including blazers with fun linings ;) Happy Monday!

WEARING: rachel roy blazer, GAP 1969 DESTRUCTED JEANS, jean-micel cazabat pumps (SIMILAR), neiman marcus bag, cents of style california necklace (SIMILAR FOR $6)
WORN TO: partyyyyy

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Monday, March 23, 2015


 photo holy_chic_old_navy_shirt203.jpg
 photo holy_chic_old_navy_shirt207.jpg
 photo holy_chic_old_navy_shirt204.jpg
 photo holy_chic_old_navy_shirt205.jpg
 photo holy_chic_old_navy_shirt202.jpg
 photo holy_chic_old_navy_shirt.jpg

If there is a shirt that says "CHIC' on it, trust & believe I'm going to buy it :) Thanks Old Navy for making this one!

WEARING: old navy fairisle cardigan (CUTE $14 OPTION) and tee, joes jeans (RAG & BONE BOYFRIEND JEANS), vince camuto wedge booties (CUTE OPTION UNDER $50), furla bag (SIMILAR ON SUPER SALE)
WORN TO: explore tahoe

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: South Lake Tahoe**
If you're lucky enough to live within driving distance, factor in travel time to pull over on the side of the road and take photos. It's such a picturesque drive in (and out)! 

(California road trippin')

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