Sunday, October 6, 2013


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As I mentioned in my LAST POST "why not" is a common phrase in Greece. When I first got to my hotel in Mykonos, I asked the bellman if he was having a good day, and he shrugged his shoulders and said "Why not?! The weather is great!" and I cracked up because that is such a funny, unorthodox response to that particular question. Little did I know, the Greek answer "why not" to everything, and that is how I feel about this outfit. Yes I'm mixing 4 prints, and 4+ colors, but why not? Pattern play is a good thing, right?

WEARING: scarf via sample sale from work, old navy button down, BANANA REPUBLIC MILLY elephant shorts, LUCKY BRAND DOVE FLATS UNDER $25 a.k.a the most comfortable shoes
WORN TO: explore santorini

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**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Santorini**
Leave your heels at home and make sure you are in the best shape of your life before you go. Santorini has to be the hilliest place on earth. Sure you could catch a cab, or the city bus everywhere, but you'll miss out on all the beauty you see when you explore by foot. O, and there are hundreds and hundreds of steep stairs all over this island. So again, leave your heels at home. You can be chic in flats ;)

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  1. Love all the prints.... Amazing background

  2. You scored BIG time with pattern play. Each time you've written something about your trip has made me feel like I am, or was right there with you. Great job!!

  3. I have really enjoyed your vacation pics! I also really love those shorts! Elephants are my favorite!

  4. Now that's funny! Why not? It can definitely serve as a way to think positively! I love those shorts.

  5. Love the elepahant short...I want a piar ;)


  6. Exactly! Why not?! You can rock anything and still look chic :-)

  7. I love the outfit!!! You could rock a mud dress and still be fabulous. :)

  8. I am so happy you are sharing these pictures from your vacation! I loved reading your story, "Why not" is a good catch phrase to have about life. I'm happy you decided to use it as your motto for your outfit, it came out fabulous!


  9. Your shorts are so cute, the whole outfit is so pretty

  10. Pattern play is a great thing! And you made it work. Enjoy Greece!

    "Why not?!" Love it.

  11. Greece, very boss. The landscape overlooking the waters is an incredible view.

  12. you are working those prints girl! And I kind of love that they say , Why Not. Its a trippy way to put a spin on things but also forces you to think like why shouldnt I have a great day?. Love it!

  13. Love shorts and the last picture is so cute!

  14. Hello sweety! Thanks for stopping by and I heartly appreciate it! This is such an amazing post! Lovely pictures (: New post on my blog! Stop by me soon! xx

    With love ❤


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