Wednesday, June 26, 2013

sample sale

 photo a3c71493-bc94-4aba-b512-d69ffadebc04_zps6ca9c40a.jpg
 photo 51b02039-3c43-489a-b8f7-b09e2acd811f_zps403cf656.jpg
 photo a5aa1c1c-8ee5-4f3d-91a7-026ef85016be_zpsa1427f3c.jpg
 photo eac989b0-aecb-411b-9766-de43cfa7b142_zps52e40800.jpg
 photo 808188c5-461a-4152-a5d5-c15e16970c1f_zps13066a25.jpg
 photo 019f8498-1201-42e1-9c0f-b14c820284bb_zps0c7e5d0e.jpg
One of the good things about working in corporate retail is the infamous sample sale a.k.a grab and bag, where you basically get clothes and shoes and accessories for FREE. I normally just go for the scarves, but this time I actually lucked up on some good clothing items including this super soft knit skirt! 

My bag on the other hand is not from a sample sale. It's Dooney & Bourke and I highly recommend it. The color is to die! Get yours HERE 

WEARING: sample sale scarf and skirt (WANT THIS ONE), j crew chambray shirt, steve madden sandals, DOONEY & BOURKE DILLEN BAG
WORN TO: dinner

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

prabal gurung for target

 photo c1ccca08-bb2b-4317-accf-5b0d78d58732_zps55b3015a.jpg
 photo 360dd0b0-3175-4d70-b44a-8bc46fb7e61a_zps0f4c33e1.jpg
 photo 27c150b7-7cc3-4d6b-9fe4-f5218af63d74_zps98505f07.jpg
 photo 85022d1e-9e73-4d60-b52f-0c51212c12cc_zps17b586c2.jpg
 photo 9d72ed2e-d084-455d-b864-8eca08d4c75e_zps3f0904c1.jpg

I'm not going to say I was dying for this Prabal Gurung for Target skirt like so many other bloggers. In fact, the only reason I bought it is because it was on clearance for $8 and my weakness is a good deal. But I like bright colors and I am all about the pattern mix, so I'm happy I got. Not mention, it also works perfectly with my Diesel heels, BUT I'm just not sure how else I would wear it. Suggestions?

WEARING: f21 blouse, bebe leather jacket, prabal gurung for target skirt, diesel heels, kelsi dagger handbag
WORN TO: dinner and FELA

 photo 9d3af30c-62f7-4b30-8920-bab17809f0f2_zpsd3624d42.jpg

By the way, if FELA hasn't been to your area yet, please go see it! It is visually stunning and the music, my God the music. You will not be able to sit still in your seat. I promise

Monday, June 10, 2013

in essence

 photo 57115782-e2f1-454c-a144-52e63e49b4c0_zpsdf20eed8.jpg
 photo 24ca32c2-eda7-4472-ba4e-36400ad6963d_zps7af44c98.jpg
 photo 17c02eca-e6fa-4726-9bdc-2d33ad5dfcc0_zpscf1048d8.jpg
 photo ad3c233c-be74-43d5-939c-ce8adadde15e_zps6571977b.jpg
 photo 9b58cade-0d53-4912-bd7a-b24ece9d6f0a_zps0aa973b8.jpg
 photo 5fd36b60-7daa-476f-ae88-c6c125290868_zps30d61149.jpg

I am officially the coolest aunt. I let my nephews photobomb me while I'm trying to be serious and take blog pics, and then I turn around and shoot hoops with them...IN HEELS. Anything for my boys, anything :) 

P.S. This is the outfit that landed me a spot in ESSENCE nearly 2.5 years ago!

wearing: zara blazer & heels, urban outfitters zebra blouse (SIMILAR), topshop pants, (LOVE THESE) cynthia rowley sunnies
worn to: church and shoot hoops 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

shoe snaps @iamsimplychic

Yikes! I'm not totally sure where my camera is. I have a good idea, but until I can get to it, I thought I'd share some shoe snaps via my INSTAGRAM. Are you following me? 

And speaking of followers, thanks to everyone who entered the iPod giveaway! The lucky winner is SING OF SING'ATURE STYLE! As I told her, it could not be going to a more loyal follower. She reads and comments on nearly every single one of my posts. Thanks girlie! 
 Via Spiga
 Nine West 
Christian Louboutin
 Prabal Gurung for Target
LUCKY BRAND FLATS (a.k.a the most comfortable shoes I own)

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