Monday, June 10, 2013

in essence

 photo 57115782-e2f1-454c-a144-52e63e49b4c0_zpsdf20eed8.jpg
 photo 24ca32c2-eda7-4472-ba4e-36400ad6963d_zps7af44c98.jpg
 photo 17c02eca-e6fa-4726-9bdc-2d33ad5dfcc0_zpscf1048d8.jpg
 photo ad3c233c-be74-43d5-939c-ce8adadde15e_zps6571977b.jpg
 photo 9b58cade-0d53-4912-bd7a-b24ece9d6f0a_zps0aa973b8.jpg
 photo 5fd36b60-7daa-476f-ae88-c6c125290868_zps30d61149.jpg

I am officially the coolest aunt. I let my nephews photobomb me while I'm trying to be serious and take blog pics, and then I turn around and shoot hoops with them...IN HEELS. Anything for my boys, anything :) 

P.S. This is the outfit that landed me a spot in ESSENCE nearly 2.5 years ago!

wearing: zara blazer & heels, urban outfitters zebra blouse (SIMILAR), topshop pants, (LOVE THESE) cynthia rowley sunnies
worn to: church and shoot hoops 


  1. ha! You look fab with the ball in your hand! Very stylish and rugged at the same time lol

  2. You are a very cool aunt indeed! I love the trousers with this colorful blazer!

  3. Priceless and a God-filled moment!

  4. I absolutely love your heels,

    I was wondering if you go to work with your heels?

    PS: Please go visit my blog and follow me on blogloving if you like it.

    1. thanks rose! i do wear heels to work :) 4 inches and under...

  5. Definitely see why it did, super chic look:)

  6. I remember this fom Essence Magazine and too cool at your nephew's photobomb in the lat pic.

  7. hey babe love the play on colors here!! N ure hair looks amaze

  8. I do like the combo. you sure do rock it.

  9. check you out shooting in heels LOL How cute are your nephews! And I really love the outfit and props to you for still fitting into something from 2 years ago, i cant say the same for myself haha

  10. Aww, I totally remember that feature, and that blog post!! In fact, if you scroll down to the 6th comment, you might see someone you recognize! ;)

    xo Carlina

  11. Hey there, you look fab in this zebra pattern, paired with that colorful blazer it's a pretty cool outfit! And you do look stunning while shooting hoops :D xoxo from Spain

  12. You totally killed it with this outfit. You've got a good head for color which is my thing. Btw, i luv ur blog and will right away. You could check mine out.

  13. Super cute outfit. But loved how your nephew photo bombed you :) Kiddies make the world go round. I love #demkiddies


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