Thursday, July 30, 2009

green with envy

ny & co white button down, anthro skirt, steve madden shoes

This skirt has been in my closet for at least 5 years. I hemmed it a year or so ago to update the look, wore it once and it’s been sitting in my closet ever since b/c I felt like I need to hem it again to make it even more current.

But I am bored with my work clothes, sick of paying for alterations (I really need to take a sewing class) and decided what the hey…it’s just work so I wore it anyway, and I actually don’t mind it. I feel like I am channeling Charlotte. She loves her flowey dresses and skirts.
photo from

Monday, July 27, 2009

she's still got it!

thrifted nicole miller dress, bcbgirls heels

I started not to post these pics b/c my hair was acting up! I was outside for maybe 5 mins to take these pics and my hair still didn't stand a chance against the nasty humidity. BUT since my mom looks fabulous and this post is really about her, I changed my mind.

My mom celebrated her 65th birthday this weekend, and let me tell you, she's still got it. Besides the fact that she is an awesome mom, she's also pretty hot! She can't get enough shoes and bags (Elliot Luca is a fav of hers right now) and she keeps her hair done, eyebrows arched, and nails manicured at all times. Basically she's a diva and I hope to be 1/2 as fly as she is when I am her age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

water coloring

zara b/f blazer, f21 top, joes jeans, bcbgirls sandals

I need more tops. During the spring and summer I wear skirts and dresses. During the fall and winter I wear skirts, dress, jeans and cardigans. For this reason, my wardrobe is seriously lacking tops. I need to work on that, and this little water color top is my first step. I also need (want) new jeans, but that won’t come until the weather cools down a bit.
P.S.-3rd pic...why does it look like I am straining to take off my itty bitty jacket?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bye bye bootie

banana cardi, thrifted skirt, 9west booties

I wore this to work last week. I didn’t put much thought into the look, but I was really excited about it, b/c this was my first time wearing this great thrifted skirt I found back in May. When I went to post the pictures I realized how sick I am of wearing and seeing these 9west booties and I decided not to post this outfit.

However, I have had a change of heart b/c I purchased a new replacement shoe (below) for the bootie, and with that said, I’ve decided to give the bootie one last spotlight on the blog for a long time…unless of course an outfit unequivocally calls for a bootie and not a sandal.

ALSO, I have had terrible luck with Steve Madden shoes, but these are the Luxe line, so I am hoping they are more comfortable. I am going to wear test them around the house before I decide if I want to keep them. If you never see them in a post again, you know the reason why ;)

steve madden luxe shoes

Sunday, July 19, 2009

hanging with the boys

target fedora, old navy tee and belt, american apparel skirt, mia sandals

I went to a safari today with my little nephews who are in town from California. It was a ton of fun, but I am pooped and don't have much to say other than I am really excited that I finally got to wear my fedora!

P.S. I tried to wear the fedora last weekend to the Jay Z concert, but it started raining before we left, so I had to take it off, and it never stopped raining so the concert never happened! So depressing...I was in the 10th row :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

business minded

zara blazer, urban shirt, thrifted belt, f21 skirt, bcbgirls shoes, lv bag

Even though this skirt is kinda mini, I feel like such a business woman in this outfit, but I did not wear this to work today. I actually wore a variation of this outfit all day Saturday...during the day with no belt and black flats, to dinner with the blazer, and later that evening without the blazer to the W for drinks and lounging.

But anyway, back to the semi mini you think it's too short for work if I wear it with a blouse and lower heels or flats? Keep in mind I work in a creative environment with mostly women and no dress code...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

purple kisses

target racerback tank and necklace, zara pants, dolce vita shoes

I've been a lazy blogger. I wore this last Sunday night to dinner, and I am just now getting around to posting it.

I found these pants in Zara for $19.99, and I adore them. I wish they had more colors.

These shoes hurt my feet terribly. I'm finding that that is happening more than usual lately. I guess I'm getting old. Sucks for my feet b/c I don't plan to ever stop wearing heels ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mmmm missoni

thrifted belt and bag, target tank, missoni skirt, christian louboutin shoes

I ordered this skirt online thinking it was a dress b/c the model was wearing a matching cami. It wasn’t until I went back to the site to send my friend the link of the fabulous dress I had just bought, that I discovered it was a skirt! Dang! I was so mad at myself b/c there’s no way I would have paid that kind of money for a friggin skirt, but the feeling faded as soon as it came in the mail. How can you not love anything Missoni, right? Not to mention that I actually get more wear from it as a skirt, than I would as a dress! Funny how things work out.

BTW this is what I wore to the party 4th of July night. The crowd was very fashion right. I love when that happens.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

a simple sundress

f21 dress that i have had for 5+ years, thrifted belt, kenneth cole sandals that the b/f lovingly refers to as my jesus sandals

I'm such a planner. I like to know what I am doing b/c, well I just like to know and also b/c I am very particular about what I wear and when I wear it. Yesterday, I had no clue what I was doing and it was killing me, but I threw on a little sundress b/c it was really too hot for anything else, plus I figured what ever I ended up doing I couldn't be over or under dressed in what I was wearing.

Spontaneity actually ended up working in my favor yesterday. I ran some errands (story of my life), grabbed some dinner, caught the big firework show for the first time in the 8 yrs I've been living here, and lastly ended up going out to a pretty fun party. I will post pics of what I wore to that later in the week. The only thing missing was the BBQ :(

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July.

Friday, July 3, 2009

now that's a shoe!

Sorry for the lack of posts. No photog + a big test (GRE) = a tough blogging situation, but things are hopefully back to normal now.

I was catching up on my daily reads this morning, and I ran across the shoe above on StockholmStreetStyle and I thought it was so fantastic, that I couldn't help but share it! Does anyone know who it's by? If it's in my budget, which I highly doubt, I would love to get it now that I am off my shopping diet.

And speaking of being off that horrific shopping diet, the American Apparel skirt below was one of the first purchases I made since being off :) I can't to wait to wear it, maybe even this weekend.