Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bye bye bootie

banana cardi, thrifted skirt, 9west booties

I wore this to work last week. I didn’t put much thought into the look, but I was really excited about it, b/c this was my first time wearing this great thrifted skirt I found back in May. When I went to post the pictures I realized how sick I am of wearing and seeing these 9west booties and I decided not to post this outfit.

However, I have had a change of heart b/c I purchased a new replacement shoe (below) for the bootie, and with that said, I’ve decided to give the bootie one last spotlight on the blog for a long time…unless of course an outfit unequivocally calls for a bootie and not a sandal.

ALSO, I have had terrible luck with Steve Madden shoes, but these are the Luxe line, so I am hoping they are more comfortable. I am going to wear test them around the house before I decide if I want to keep them. If you never see them in a post again, you know the reason why ;)

steve madden luxe shoes


  1. absolutely gorgeous outfit.. i want ur skirt!

  2. I love the entire outfit. It's perfect for the hot weather. I hope that the shoes work out for you;they are jazzy!

  3. love the colour of the cardi! xoxoox

  4. i just find your blog and i love it.
    i like you show your clothes,shoes,accesories and outfits


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