Monday, August 31, 2015


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 photo eshakti_floral_dress_zara_strappy_heels.jpg
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For those of you who follow me  on Instagram, you probably already know that my sweet, hilarious, say it like you mean it, 98 year old grandmother passed away earlier this month. When someone lives for so many years, raises great children who took care of her all the way to the end, survived an amazing husband who worshiped the ground she walked on — the funeral or home-going is a celebration of life! Because we were celebrating we wore bright colors, pink, bold patterns and sent her off as beautifully as she lived!

WEARINGESHAKTI dress, zara heels, neiman marcus purse
WORN TO: my grandmother's funeral

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I leave you with a picture of Mrs. Alma Aikens James at her 90th birthday party where we asked her if she lived to be 100 what she wanted for her birthday, and she said with a straight face — "a casket". Ha! RIP little lady! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


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Is it acceptable that I'm 30+ and still rocking Forever 21? I tried to stay away for a while, however when they have a store closing sale and everything is up to 60% off, one must indulge. And that's exactly what I did. I got 4 things, including this floral jumpsuit for $30. I'll never be too old to catch a sale. 

*Rocking Forever 21, but just turned 30 32 (in my Kanye voice)*

WEARING: forever 21 jumper, gap sweater, franco sarto sandals 
WORN TO: a picnic at the MLK SHORELINE

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Monday, August 10, 2015


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Garden District home
 photo beyonce_house_new_orleans_garden_district.jpg
BEYONCE & JAY Z'S NEW ORLEANS HOME also in the Garden District 
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the infamous...
 photo garden_district_new_orleans.jpg
Loved the exposed break on this home!
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 photo commanders_palace.jpg
COMMANDERS PALACE home of the 25¢ martini
 photo forever_21_midi_floral_sundress.jpg
Peeking in on the JAYONCE mansion! Want to know the addy? Keep reading...


**Simply Chic Travel Tip: NOLA**
If you want to dine at Commander's Palace, beware you have to dress up :-/
And if you want to swing by the JAYONCE mansion the address is 1527 Harmony St.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


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 photo forever_21_romper.jpg

When I was younger and more of a busy body than I am now (if that's even possible) I didn't really appreciate my time in Louisiana, which is where both of my parents are from. I mean of course I love being around my family and eating yummy food, but no wifi, and no dvr? That was tough for me, but now I appreciate it. I like being able to unplug for a bit, read more, take naps and romp around on all of my grandmother's land and have photoshoots with barns, horses and big red lawnmowers ;)


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