Wednesday, August 19, 2015


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Is it acceptable that I'm 30+ and still rocking Forever 21? I tried to stay away for a while, however when they have a store closing sale and everything is up to 60% off, one must indulge. And that's exactly what I did. I got 4 things, including this floral jumpsuit for $30. I'll never be too old to catch a sale. 

*Rocking Forever 21, but just turned 30 32 (in my Kanye voice)*

WEARING: forever 21 jumper, gap sweater, franco sarto sandals 
WORN TO: a picnic at the MLK SHORELINE

let's get social
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  1. No way. They have pieces that work for any age, just gotta find it. I even find stuff at Wet Seal ; )

  2. Girl. I will rock F21 as long as the prices are good and I like the pieces. I love the print on this jumpsuit!

  3. So cute! I love it, and yes...F21 is a-OK if it fits and price is right! ;-)


  4. Beautiful jumpsuit and lovely color combination.

  5. You bring out the best in this jumpsuit! Very beautiful


  6. Being comfortable in what you are wearing makes an outfit acceptable. Your poses and smile indicate that you're very comfortable! Continue to ROCK it!!

  7. The jumpsuit is fabulous and so is your hair. Can't help but to admire how full and voluminous it looks! Love it!


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