Sunday, October 14, 2018


Anyone ever been to Aruba? I just returned last week and hopefully you followed along on my IG stories! Have I really wanted to go to Jamaica, but in September I needed someplace in the Caribbean that was outside of the hurricane belt. And that is Aruba! 
(iguanas everywhere!)
(Oranjestad, the colorful capitol) 

It’s a desert island that was colonized by the Dutch so picture Arizona with European influences, palm trees and some of the most beautiful aqua blue water you’ll ever see! 

It’s a tiny island and perfect for people on the east coast because it’s a quick, inexpensive flight and you don’t need more than a few days. With that said, let me sum it up for you in 5 bullets. 

1) There’s no ride share so rent a car, preferably a Jeep so you can off road and go to the NATURAL POOL! The island is easy to navigate. We never really got lost.

2) I highly recommend the AIRBNB I stayed in! To date it’s probably my favorite. The backyard, and pool, and rooftop were beautiful! I mean look at this sunset...
(view from the roof!)

3) If your prefer a hotel go for the Renaissance! Even if you don’t want to stay at a hotel the whole time, I suggest 1 night here. If you google Aruba you’ll see a  ton of images of flamingos on a beach. Well this is at Renaissance’s private island, and the only way to get there is if you’re a guest or if you’re lucky enough to get one of the limited $100 day passes for non guests. If you’re traveling with a group of 3+ it’s cheaper to book a room and split the cost of that! Plus the property is such a beautiful resort! Talk about feeling like you’re on vacation... 

4) Shopping, shopping, shopping. If designer shopping is your thing, this is the place to do it! Prices are less than the States especially if you’re from a place with high taxes like I am. Hello 8.5%! I saved a few hundred on my new Gucci bag! 

5) And last but not least, FOOD! Honestly wasn’t really impressed except for the RED FISH! Please go here and get the shrimp. For ambiance and a unique experience I suggest the FLYING FISHBONE for IN ocean dining! Yes, you can sit IN the ocean. And for drinks go to Rum Reef at Baby Beach!
(terrible picture, but these shrimp right here...)