Sunday, June 16, 2013

prabal gurung for target

 photo c1ccca08-bb2b-4317-accf-5b0d78d58732_zps55b3015a.jpg
 photo 360dd0b0-3175-4d70-b44a-8bc46fb7e61a_zps0f4c33e1.jpg
 photo 27c150b7-7cc3-4d6b-9fe4-f5218af63d74_zps98505f07.jpg
 photo 85022d1e-9e73-4d60-b52f-0c51212c12cc_zps17b586c2.jpg
 photo 9d72ed2e-d084-455d-b864-8eca08d4c75e_zps3f0904c1.jpg

I'm not going to say I was dying for this Prabal Gurung for Target skirt like so many other bloggers. In fact, the only reason I bought it is because it was on clearance for $8 and my weakness is a good deal. But I like bright colors and I am all about the pattern mix, so I'm happy I got. Not mention, it also works perfectly with my Diesel heels, BUT I'm just not sure how else I would wear it. Suggestions?

WEARING: f21 blouse, bebe leather jacket, prabal gurung for target skirt, diesel heels, kelsi dagger handbag
WORN TO: dinner and FELA

 photo 9d3af30c-62f7-4b30-8920-bab17809f0f2_zpsd3624d42.jpg

By the way, if FELA hasn't been to your area yet, please go see it! It is visually stunning and the music, my God the music. You will not be able to sit still in your seat. I promise


  1. FELA looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    Also - what a steal, $8!! I love how you wore it here, but you could definitely choose one of the colors in the skirt and wear a top/jacket of that color with it too. Maybe a bright solid pink ruffle top..? :)

    You look lovely as usual!

  2. You look pretty! I love the skirt, and $8 is a GREAT deal lol. I'd wear it how you have it now, and also with a button down blouse/shirt, solid color (not tucked in) and a belt at the waist. I saw FELA two years ago and LOVED it!

  3. You look like a Barbie doll. Your skirt is so pretty. It reminds me of a beautiful bright painting. I'm so SORRY I missed FELA. Hopefully, I will get a chance to see it another time.

  4. Oh yeah! I've seen this skirt on many a blogger and though I liked it, I wasn't gonna shell out major money for it, but if I saw it for $8--heck yeah! I love the way you've styled it here! It looks great on you and would look great with a fun tee as well!

  5. I love your skirt, you look great.

    PS: Please go visit my blog and follow me on blogloving if you like it.

  6. That skirt is wonderful!

  7. love your skirt honey! I bet you had an amazing time at FELA!

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. You look so pretty! I love the mixing of patterns :)

  9. I think that it is awesome that you wear heel to work.
    I try to do it couple days a week, but sometime I just feel like wearing flats =)

    I would love if you followed me on blogloving, if you haven't already.


  10. Love the print mixing!


  11. Love the skirt and your heels too! FELA is an awesome musical, saw it last year when it came to Atlanta.

  12. I actually love how you paired the skirt with the podka dot top. Fab fab combo. Tres chic.

  13. You already know...I want that leather jacket. :)


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