Monday, October 21, 2013


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On my final night in Greece I wore this OLD NAVY MAXI DRESS that I scored for the low-low..$4 to be exact. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even gotten it that cheap as a hand me down in Goodwill, so basically I got the deal of the decade week. 
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I think the ethnic inspired print paired nicely with my twists and extra sun kissed skin. Everyone thought I was from the Caribbean or Africa while I was there anyway, so WHY NOT play it up and not crush anyone's dream when I tell them "nope I'm from California" Ha! 
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I hope you enjoyed all of my outfits and photos from Greece as much as I enjoyed reliving the trip with you! I have some pretty gorgeous shots on my INSTAGRAM that I might share on the blog also, but in the meantime make sure you follow me HERE

 WEARINGOLD NAVY TUBE MAXI DRESS (also love THIS MINI one), gap sweater, thrifted clucth, revlon flirt nail polish, target earrings, MICHAEL KORS TORTISE WATCH
WORN: on the last night in Santorini

And, at last I leave you with one final, but extra important tip and some more amazing photos!
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(This view of the CALDERA took my breath away the first time I saw it)
 photo 5e0b82b2-34c6-491c-a21d-d2fdb2a018f2_zps46afcae3.jpg
(The famous Santorini sunset, shot from the porch of my hotel)

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Greece**
No need to get the international data plan or whatever it's called for your phone. If staying connected is important to you book a hotel with Wifi and most restaurants, whether they advertise it or not, have Wifi. You just have to ask for the password. To be on the safe side, put your phone in airplane mode as soon as you land so you won't get hit with any random charges, and you're all set. 

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  1. I cannot get over your awesome hair lately! But this dress is gorgeous on you and perfect for a Caribbean getaway!

  2. It's been a beautiful and exciting journey. Thanks for allowing me to experience it through your fantastic blog. As usual, you and your outfit are stunning!

  3. The hair and the outfit are so much on point. I can see that you enjoyed your holidays as I enjoyed watching them lol

  4. You look stunning, your hair, that dress, all of it. I need to book a trip asap to Greece!

    xo Carlina

  5. Lovely dress - the pattern is perfect!


  6. You look amazing, such a pretty dress!


  7. I don't know much about women's clothing but I have footed the bill enough for girlfriends to know that you walked away with a steal of a price. And the Santorini sunset and CALDERA images are amazing.

    Also, during a comment on your previous post, I hadn't realized that I typed 'California' instead of Greece until after I submitted the comment. I know it's nothing but I didn't want anyone to think I don't actually read the posts.

    I DO.

  8. omg! I am so loving this dress. and the hair is really beautiful.
    thanks for all d travel tips.
    P.S: loving all ur instagram pix.

  9. aww u look great babe cakes:)

  10. Is there anywhere more suited for a lovely maxi dress? I thinks not. I love Santorini and your pics make me want to run there right now, So perfect.

  11. I love that you can be anyone you want to be when you're on holiday! Also, cannot believe that dress was $4 - you look fantastic!

  12. I really love the ethnic print and the color is so beautiful ;)


  13. That dress is perfect for greece and for $4 its even better!!

  14. You look incredible! I love your dress! What a steal!


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