Monday, August 5, 2013

baby blue

 photo 742c667a-c066-4e4b-9fb6-01afe9e67427_zps24308a85.jpg
 photo 4c9a8448-b4fa-4163-a237-b9fc1383a704_zps3eda81a0.jpg
 photo fbdb8ce7-9271-434c-be28-cb1b14eb5772_zps005e3d1d.jpg
 photo ddd491a4-a340-4306-9ae8-55f538b89125_zps5381a3ce.jpg
 photo 6e6eb34b-4c73-4723-a9b4-c42b67e3e827_zpsf9507031.jpg

This skirt was last seen HERE and sadly enough, that was the last time I wore it. I need to do better.

On a random, but slightly related note, I spent a lot of time in ANTHROPOLOGIE this weekend, and can I just say their fall line is fantastic. I tried on dress after dress, and ultimately left empty handed because I am indecisive. But...I will be back!

WEARING: j crew jacket, anthropologie skirt,sam edelman shoes
WORN TO: church and brunch

let's get social


  1. Gotta love Anthro--though I've never found anything in my price range there. Love the dress!

  2. I'm like a kid in a candy store whenever I'm at Anthropologie... Gosh I love that store! And that skirt is perfect on you. Love both shoes you wore with this skirt.


  3. so clean chic and simple love it!

  4. The print on your skirt is well defined. The wind is whipping your skirt and hair. Love it!! Nice camera shots!

  5. So pretty, I love the details of your skirt. I wish I could wear skirts like that.

  6. I have lots of things like that - so pretty, yet so under worn! Hope you get more use out of it before the end of the summer!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I have lots of items that need to be worn more too!

  8. These pics are so boss and model-worthy. As usual.

  9. I walked right past Anthropologie the other day. Now I kinda wish I'd gone it. Lol I love that jacket. I'm sure I mentioned that before.


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