Tuesday, August 20, 2013

laughs for days

If you read my 30 THINGS POST you know how I feel about brunch. Soooooo, it was only right that I culminated my celebration with a birthday bottomless brunch
 photo 370e0140-463b-4c13-80a9-12a3cca53368_zps8308fb5d.jpg
 photo a6e05ca1-c161-4205-9cf1-e64546a1c144_zpse378e052.jpg
 photo 5f0c6c55-522c-4003-81f3-191ea8a27586_zpsc567477d.jpg
I really, really wanted to wear a dress or a jumpsuit, but of course I couldn't find either, so I reached in my closet and came up with this...a skirt and a cardigan. Typical me!
 photo 58c4db3f-eaba-4c24-a1af-b6b851ac37c2_zps0a117971.jpg
 photo 9af59cff-0fc3-4e56-9810-99b8780cc4b6_zps1ad8a21e.jpg
A special thank you to Bill of GOODE PHOTOS for capturing so many laughs and so many great moments!

WEARING: j crew cardigan, zara skirt, calvin klein leopard heels gifted bracelet from south africa
WORN TO: birthday brunch at CANA

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  1. Aw what fun photos! And so long as you were comfortable on your birthday, it doesn't matter that it was a skirt and cardigan. Actually I think it was a great combo! The color of the cardigan and the skirt work well together!

  2. Just beautiful, I love the skirt so cute.


  3. The beautiful pictures tell the story...Fun, Friends, and gut-wrenching Laughter. Your outfit put the frosting on the cake.

  4. Style and grace, as usual. Hope you had a wonderful birthday brunch.

    And congratulations on the bun in the oven! I bet you are going to kill me for these comments, but I noticed the baby bump! Lol.

    1. LMAOOOO! DON, you know I’m not pregnant. OMG that’s so fuuny!!! My poor unborn child wouldn’t stand a chance with the amount of liquor I consumed at my birthday brunch ;)

  5. Lol! You and Don's back and forth is cracking me up!

  6. Above comment is nkechi! Not sure how to get my name to come up! Lol

    1. hi! isn't that hilarious? that was my laugh for the day. i'm going to have to do a bikini post to shut the rumors down.

  7. Oh my, your style is so effortless and chic...Love it so much...You looked terrific...I die for your shoes :)


  8. This looks to be such a joyous time! Bottomless brunch is the best, I love a good Bloody Mary for times like this! You look great! /Madison

  9. You look so chic!
    How adorable your style is.
    check out my new post at rockingtherunway.blogspot.com

  10. Heyyyy my fellow LEO! I see we both did brunch on our Bday that included chicken & waffles!

  11. I really love the print on your skirt, and I NEED those heels!
    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Pretty skirt! And that food looks delicious! Looks like you had a ball! :-)



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