Tuesday, May 28, 2013

skinny mini

 photo 7eec2718-7881-4439-8700-d8819ffb1fc7_zps22e80570.jpg
 photo cfb6b94e-625d-488f-a35d-37ee041fe2f7_zps45654760.jpg
Pardon the picture overload. I had a full out photo shoot while waiting to get into the UNCORKED! WINE FESTIVAL, and it was well worth the 45+ min wait. I highly recommend it for Bay Area peeps. Unlimited wine tasting for 5 hours...yes ma'am!
 photo 581cdae2-b518-4d7e-a079-2e85dd37d8ef_zpsce7f55d4.jpg
 photo f931b11e-02e6-4f16-8e92-2a477bfc42c0_zps8c9d9d5c.jpg
On to the outfit...I got these oversized sunnies from TJ Maxx for 6 bucks. I wasn't sure about them because this is not a shape I would typically go for, but for $6, I figured I'd give it a shot, and I'm glad I did. I really like them. What do you think? Is this shape ok for my face? 
 photo 3976ec67-9e2a-4e85-855f-cc0cea8da57d_zps73f6745d.jpg
I also scored these velvety loafers for dirt cheap from the DSW clearance rack, and I have been wearing them like crazy. Somehow fuchsia suddenly goes with everything in my closet. 
 photo 44982267-a06e-44b8-88f2-dc0f167fa0b5_zpsec25b86d.jpg
 photo 8c919548-ccf1-404d-9aeb-6fa7590a6e8e_zps54404e10.jpg
And last but not least, THE PANTS. O, the pants!! Words can not express how much I love these GAP PRINTED SKINNY MINI KHAKIS (and not just b/c my nickname is skinny mini). I'm slowly collecting them in every single print. 

P.S. There's still a little time to enter my iPod GIVEAWAY!


  1. Girl these pics are awesome! Love how the aperture is making you the focal point!! I need to check out this uncorked festival!

    xo Carlina

  2. Ohh! I adore this look! The colors and print work well together! Very chic :)

  3. "Somehow fuchsia suddenly goes with everything in my closet." - I know that feeling! lol! You want to match it with everything.

  4. Loving everything about this look. The pants and those shades are great!


  5. Cute! Love the bubblegum nail color!

  6. Great pants and your photos are so much fun! Sounds like you had a ball!

  7. Love EVERYTHING!! Your glasses are are so cute. They were really calling you name. I am glad the wine festival was an enjoyable event for you.

  8. Very cute look, love love the pants! I'll be checking for them @ gap, already in love with their skinny denim.

  9. Fabulous outfit, you rock those pants, girl! I love the statement necklace, such a great eye-catcher! Kisses from NYC

  10. Looking gorgeous as always, you mix bold colors together like its nobody's business! haha. And I DO love your new sunnies, they look fantastic on you!


  11. LOVEE your printed pants, especially when paired with pink flats. what a beautiful spring outfit!


  12. oh man I missed your awesome giveaway! :(

    And 5 hours of unlimited wine??!! Sounds amazing!

    Love your pants girl!

  13. thank you for sending me the sun !! Love your outfit, this pant is awesome :D

  14. I love your outfit, you look great
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  15. This really looks good and people who happen to notice it will feel a great deal of the need to ask where to buy mens leather jackets like this one, it is from cwmalls.com, a paradise for leather jackets.

  16. I just love your sense of style... And that coat is my ultra lovely. Drop by my blog some time and follow if you like it. :)


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