Thursday, January 6, 2011

same dress, different city

My NYE in NYC consisted of great wine, sparkling Shiraz to be exact
Yummy food...skirt steak with a potato parmesan croquette

And lots of festive goodies to ring in 2011!

In an effort to be cheap practical I wore my NYE dress from last year.

But this year I added a belt and a blazer...

And jazzed up my makeup with my definition of a smoky eye ;)

I could have done without the remnants on the streets from the nasty blizzard, but other than that, the evening was absolutely perfect! How did you spend NYE?

wearing: h&m dress, express blazer, thrifted belt, christian louboutin heels
worn to: GOOD restaurant in the West Village


  1. i love that dress girl!

  2. gosh I'm drooling over the plate and the dress :-)

  3. How cool! That croquette sound delicious!!! I know what I'm having for dinner tonight:)

    My NYE was great! Spent it with family & a bottle of Welches finest sparkling red grape cocktail. LOL

  4. What a pretty dress and I love your makeup.

    I spent my NYE (day) with my daughter and the evening with was awesome!

  5. Happy New Year

  6. You look fabulous!!! I love the dress and your use of accessories.

    I spent NYE on the couch with my fiance! And we went to sleep shortly after 12. lol

  7. What a beautiful way to ring in the New Year. You look absolutely stunning and did a fantastic job of reinventing a previously worn outfit. You have a keen eye for fashion. I love your smoky eye look.

  8. happy 2011! great photos, your belt is awesome :)


  9. I love your dress and I love your blog: it's amazing!
    I follow you.
    Visit my blog and if u like it do the same: follow me! I'm expecting for you!!!

  10. girl recycling is great! i love the dress and had i gone out for nye i was going to do the same thing and i wouldn't care who didnt like it! lol you look great! =) ...great make up btw!

  11. Lovely shots hun, the dress is fab!
    Happy new year hun :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  12. lovely pictures!
    i love your blog!
    you follow me and i follow you?

  13. It is great to re wear favorite things! You look beautiful and how you updated it with the blazer!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Fabulous! Great way to be 'practical'! lol :)

  15. Thank for the comment :) re wearing things are usually the best thing to do especially when they are beautiful. No need to spend money on something your don't really need.

  16. Great outfit! I adore your blazer :) And that plate of food looks absolutely DELICIOUS! It really looks like you enjoyed yourself, hope you are having a happy new year thus far!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  17. Love your NYE look, so chic and smart :) I also love sparkling red wine, great choice!

  18. That food looks sooo mouth-watering. I definitely love the look you had for NYE. Beautiful colored dress! I haven't posted my NYE look yet...I'm thinking it might be a little late for it now, haha.

    Stop by again soon!

  19. Your dress is gorg!! I spent nye with friends and family.


  20. great new years outfit - and i love how you wore it with a belt and blazer! there's totally nothing wrong with re-wearing your dress from last year!

  21. Looks like you had a yummy new years eve! Nothing at all wrong with recycling a dress, especially if you've rework it like you have. You look lovely!

  22. You looked so pretty!!! I love your dress and your make-up looks stunning!

  23. I just gave you for an award for Stylish and Versatile blogger.

    Check my page to see how it works


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