Thursday, January 13, 2011

my must have items

Two things I can't live without in the fall/winter are colorful coats and scarves.

When it's cold outside it's not uncommon for people to never see what's underneath your coat, so it needs to be FAB, and switching your scarf is like switching your creates a whole new look.

One of my favorite things about this coat other than its vibrant color is that it's lined with my favorite print....yes, you guessed it leopard!

Anyway, these photos were taken in the subway station in Brooklyn, and let me tell you, if I can help it, that will be the last time I use the subway in NY! Ok, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but have you guys seen the video of the rat that ran up a man's body and on his face in the train???? Traumatizing!

wearing: express coat, gifted scarf, marc by marc jacobs bag, american apparel velvet stirrups, aldo shoes
worn to: apartment hunt with & FOR the b/f in brooklyn, and hanging out in columbus circle


  1. very Pretty.
    I have a pink Trench Coat that I LOVE...I just getting into scarves.

  2. OMG that vid is crazy!!!! ....back to the post lol

    love that coat and scarf! is that velvet pants i see?? love it!

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  3. I love everything, including the well-defined buttions on the coat.

  4. I love that coat and the color of it. So pretty. The scarf just adds a little something extra to it.

    I haven't seen the video. But I actually enjoyed taking the subway in NY. It was pretty interesting. lol

  5. Ah, I love the color going on here! Definitely helps to stave off the winter blahs. ps--I'm following your blog!

  6. oh my gosh, i can't watch that video. i DID however videotape a guy on the subway with a roach crawling around on his jacket while he slept, lol.
    the trains aren't that bad...but they can be pretty damn scary.
    i LOOVE the coat/scarf thing you always do. always so much life in your looks.

  7. those velvet leggings/stirups are so sick!!! and p.s love how you layers two scarves- ingenious!
    xo lina

  8. WOWOWOW!!! your coat is heavenly! Love that colorful paisley scarf!!! Mixmatching accessories and fabulous coats are the only way to roll in the winter! It's just tooo cold out!!!
    Big Kisses,
    xoxo Beckerman Girls

  9. Bwahaha... you are sooo right on NYC subways. I don't get why they are so dirty. Other major cities like D.C., London, etc. have clean subway systems. I just don't get it.

    But you definitely brighten up the backdrop in your cute jacket in scarf. In NY, it's all about the winter coat.... and boots.

  10. I'm not even going to click on that link because I know I'll get the shudders. There is no experience like a NYC subway ride and my bf absolutely hates it. I know what to expect and have gotten somewhat proficient in figuring out how to get to where I need to go. I tell you one thing, I definitely appreciate our subway system even more afterwards. :)

    I agree that coats and scarves are the best way to make a statement when you have to bundle up and yours are fabulous. I love the print and color of your scarf and there's nothing better than a fun lining.

  11. Rats! haha! Srry you're traumatized! =/

    The coat is lovely and animal print! wooohooo! :)

  12. Love the blue hue of that coat.


  13. That scarf is calling my name....I love it.

  14. Love your colorful scarf! It adds to much fun to your outfit

  15. I love your coat!!!

  16. thanks everyone!

    i actually refused to watch the rat video when i ran across the article on huffington post, but now it's constantly being shown on tv and i've seen it like 10 times. it's so quick that by the time i realize it's the clip it's too late to turn the channel. i'm still traumatized...

    and pennerad i'd be equally as traumatized by a roach...

  17. i haven't seen the rat video - i think i would get too freaked out!

    on another note, i love your colorful scarf and coat - and the leopard lining is fabulous!

  18. That scarf is so fun and festive!! I can't live without accessories. I would rather buy shoes and bags and spend more money on them than on clothes.

    Happy Monday!


  19. I thought the same thing about NY's subway. I was complaining about how the T was dirty but oh man, I would never say that again.

  20. I TOTALLY agree with you on the scarves. In fact, I prefer a pretty scarf to a necklace (almost) every time. Vibrant, colorful AND warm? That's like a win-win-win! haha. Even when it's warm out, I'll wear lighter layers so I can still work my scarves into the mix.

    Stay safe on those subways!

  21. I hate rats...not going to watch that video!
    You look gorgy dear


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