Monday, January 17, 2011

i wear my owl on my shirt

The weather this weekend in California was nothing short of amazing.It makes me so ready for spring, and so ready for my trip to Atlanta in a couple of months.
I miss the days of sitting on a patio, eating an omelette and sipping on mimosas for hours at a time.
On to the clothes...this top kind of speaks for itself. It's a bejeweled owl, and I would wear it everyday if I could.
In fact, I've had it less than a month and have worn it twice already, and thinking about wearing it tomorrow ;)
Here's a shot of when I wore it in NYC, where it was far less sunny.

wearing: express blazer, f21 top and jeggings, aldo booties
worn to: the movies in cali & madame tussaud's wax musem in NY


  1. How cute! Your hair looks amazing in the second to last pic! :)

  2. I agree your hair looks super healthy, love the owl!

  3. thanks ladies!

    that's my DIY hair. it's super poofy b/c i can't get it as straight as my stylist, but it works. i've always been a fan of big hair.

  4. lol i am completely jealous of your weather! most of my time us spent in door cause i refuse to expose myself to the horrible weather out :(...

    other than that lol i love your blazer and graphic tee style! =)

  5. What a sexy, cute owl!lol

  6. Such a cute top!

    When are you coming back to Atlanta?

  7. Love the owl, and the scarf...and the blazer too! LOL

  8. corie- i'll be back in march, but part of the time will be spent in savannah at a wedding, which i am also excited abt b/c i've never been there.

  9. Gorgeous look!
    Love your scarf!


  10. That bejeweled owl is fantastic...both with and without the blazer/scarf combination!

    And mimosas on the porch sounds fantastic. Can I get that every day, please?

  11. i LOVE your owl shirt! so cute!

  12. LOVE those booties!!!!!! I've been looking for a pair like those!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  13. "I've had it less than a month and I've already worn in twice" LOL you are hilarious! Love it.

    Great outfit, both times ;)

    xx rk

  14. Hi girl! I'm a new follower here! ... Just found your site and find your style very appealing! ... Loved this look so much, I'm so into owls, that tee will be great in my collection! def will be back!

  15. I've been pondering how to include some of my graphic shirts into my wardrobe in a better way than coming off looking like a high schooler or freshman in college. This look gives me hope :)

  16. the owl shirt is soo cute,dear!<3

  17. - I Like Your Outfit ,
    So Take Care Gurl !


  18. I'm a huge fan of animal sweaters. :-)


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