Saturday, November 7, 2009

this is it

wendy katlen leather bomber, ??? scarf, urban pants, dolce vita boots, elliott luca bag

I went to see This Is It, and this is what I wore. Nothing special by any means, but when I knew I was going to see the movie, I also knew I was going to wear my Wendy Katlen leather bomber jacket, that my coworker so lovingly calls my "Michael Jackson jacket". Nothing else would have been more appropriate ;)

BTW if you haven't seen the movie, GO! I promise, you will not be disappointed.


  1. You know what, I am going to go see that movie by myself today! None of my friends will go with me!

  2. crazy! why they not want to see it? definitely check it out. you won't be alone! you will be with a bunch of MJ fans having a great time!

  3. That bag looks like mine ( just a different color). I love it! I plan to go see the movie tomorrow. Wearing the bomber jacket was a great idea.

  4. The boots are so cute. How do they fit? I want to by some DV shoes and I'm sure if they fit small or big. I tried them on once in DSW like a year ago. Any advice? The bag I love. I'm so into red bags right now. Its on my christmas list. Hopefully my friend gets me one for Christmas.

  5. thanks for visiting my blog! love that bold red bag too


  6. thanks ladies!

    SC the boots are more comfortable than your favorite sneakers! i can walk in them all day. they fit true to size. get you some!


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