Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mini skirts and leather...on sunday ;)

zara leather jacket, f21 skirt, mia shoes

This is what I wore to the movies, not to church, on Sunday. I saw Good Hair (still laughing), and I also perused H&M (the fall collection is great), and had a yummy Asian lunch (the crab and cheese rolls were interesting).

Did I mention the H&M fall collection was fab? I think the end of my shopping diet is very near. I've been too good for too long!


  1. fantastic look! love the jacket

  2. Those colors are beautiful together. The scarf gives the outfit a really chic look. I vividly remember my mini skirt days. I am assuming that's what they are still called.

  3. Omg, I am fiend for crab cheese rolls. Love the outfit.

  4. Mini leather skirts are more men's choice rather than women. They find women very attractive in them. Length of mini skirts can be above the knees or ultra short. These skirts are very perfect for those women who want to show the beauty of their legs.


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