Saturday, May 16, 2009

petite chic_ashley olsen

I'm 5 feet 2 inches and around 115 other words, petite! I've fully embraced the idea now, but just like plus size women, petite women have issues dressing their body as well. Besides the fact that I spend hundreds of dollars on alterations a year, I have to be careful that what I wear doesn't make me look like I am 12, playing dress up. This means staying away from things too girly and being careful that if I partake in trends, it's not the same trends my teenage niece is partaking in. From time to time I will blog about some of my fav women who wear petite well, starting with Ashley Olsen.

The focus is always on Mary Kate, but style wise, I personally identify with Ashley's slightly more sophisticated look. From red carpet to latte runs, I think she gets it right just about every time, and she is tiny! I wish I could rock 5 inch platforms with as much confidence as she does, but for some reason I feel like they overpower my little frame. Maybe I have just not found the perfect pair yet.

this look inspires me to not give up on platforms!

this is the epitome of being simply chic. i would wear this all day long and feel so hot doing so.

who said you have to be tall to wear wide leg trousers?

i may be afraid of big shoes, but i love big bags. another look i would rock head to toe!

i bought some bright pink converse recently and i've been trying to figure out a good look for them. i think this is cute!

big shoes and skinny black pants again! how does she do it so well?

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