Tuesday, May 12, 2009

miami part two

dress from target, bcbgirls shoes, thrifted bag and belt
I went to Target right before the trip to look for a coverup for the beach and I stumbled upon this great dress on sale for $14.99! Other than, a few tanks and some hats, this is my first clothing purchase from Target and I am pretty impressed! I won't be adding Target to the list of places I frequent for clothes, but I will definitely check them out every blue moon.

Top picture was taken at an overpriced dinner, and the middle is at a club called Dream. I don't really do the club thing anymore, but this party made me remember just how fun how it can be with the right crowd, the right DJ, and the right outfit ;) Last pic is after the club in a pizzeria. The picture is cropped b/c my face is beat! It's 5:00 a.m...


  1. Stumbled upon your blog and I was back reading a few entries. Just wanted to say as a fellow 20 someting your outfits are super cute and well put together. Also, don't give up on Target. Since they've been having guest designers do clothes for them i've been able to find some really cute things.

  2. I actually bought a graphic tee from Target the other day :)

  3. love thet dress!


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