Thursday, August 25, 2016


Typically I don't wear short shorts with little tops. I either show the legs and cover the arms or cover the arms and show the legs. But when it comes to my vacation style all of that goes out the window. Partially because I feel free and less self conscious about showing too much skin, but mostly just because of the heat.

 Here are some more looks and pictures from my recent birthday trip to Puerto Vallarta.
The view from my hotel/apartment...the highly recommended PINNACLE 220. I will for sure stay here when I go back. 
This was the only time I dressed up on the trip and it was to party on the eve of my birthday.
Other than that one night I was super casual, mostly in bikinis and mostly in THESE RIBBON BOW JELLIES.
On my actual birthday I crossed ATV riding off my bucket list! 
And in a moment of "Who cares. I'm on vacation in Mexico" this was my ATV/waterfall adventure/birthday outfit :-/ Who wears low waisted shorts, with a high waisted bikini? ME! 
And to sum things up, this picture was a huge reason I took this trip! I had been seeing all these folks having fun in floats this summer and I wanted in on the action. So I booked my flight, got my picture and had an amazing vacation & birthday in the process!

**Simply Chic Travel Tips: Puerto Vallarta**
If you're on the West Coast, this is such an easy and affordable trip. The flights and hotel are inexpensive if you go in August which is supposedly the rainy season, plus the dollar goes very far. I'm talking $30 90 min massages and $25 brunches for 2 with 4 drinks! PV is officially my beach getaway spot! 

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  1. Wow!! For a moment, I thought I had taken this trip with you! Beautiful pictures and superb details!


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