Thursday, August 8, 2013

30 things

1) I've worked in corporate retail since age 21
2) Every year for at least the last 8 years, I have traveled somewhere I've never been before
3) I'm just learning how to parallel park
4) I have 1 tattoo, and want at least 1 more
5) I had my belly button AND tongue pierced when I was younger 
6) I'm a recovering Type A control freak
7) I'm Catholic and I go to church faithfully
8) I'm a Jay Z fanatic! Flew all the way to NYC just to see him at Madison Square Garden once
9) I'm a Celtics fan and a Laker hater
10) I'm headed to the Greek Islands very soon 
11) I graduated from Spelman College
12) I'm 5' 2" & around 115 lbs when I've had a burger, fries & a shake, 112 if I haven't
13) Target is my happy place
14) I have a thing for turtles
15) And pugs
16) I don't know how to write in should see my signature (yikes)
17) I'm a self proclaimed nerd
18) I would have graduated from grad school with straight A's & A+'s, but they made me take Accounting
19) I watch Pretty Woman every time it comes on TV like it's the first time
20) I'm a sucker for a sunset
21) I enjoy a cold brew 
22) People say I'm quiet and bossy...I only agree with the latter
23) I look at the clock at 9:11 daily
24) SEO fascinates me (see # 17)
25) I am terrified of roller coasters, and waterbugs
26) I want to be an equestrian in my next life
27) Brunch is my faviorte meal of the day
28) I have seen every single epiosode of the Goldne Girls
29) I'm not a hopeless romantic but I have a crazy obsession with hearts
30) Today is my 30th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let's get social


  1. You had me at Laker Hater. Happy Birthday!

  2. A very happy birthday! I can't parallel park to save my life!

  3. What a wonderful and creative way to get to know a little more about you. Happy 30th birthday and God Bless. Love those glasses!

  4. Happy 30th! I'll be turning the big 3-0 in a few months myself (^_^)

  5. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and welcome to the "30s club"! I'm with you on #13 and #15 (although I'm not a "pet person"). Pugs are like cute and ugly at the same exact time. Nice glasses!

  6. Happy Birthday. A good tell all in a few sentences . . .

  7. Happy Birthday! so secretive,thanks for sharing ;)

  8. Happy birthday!! Traveling to a new place every year?! Awesome!! :)

  9. Wow, sis! Some things I didn’t know (#6 & #22, I’m glad I’m the oldest!), some I want to know more about (#23), and some I wish you wouldn’t admit publicly (#9)!!! Love ya’! Hope there are no typos…LOL!

  10. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPYYYYYYYY BITHDAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! I totally agree with on being terrifed of rollercoasters!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I adored all of your 30 things about yourself. You are very talented blogger with such a chic style! Hope your birthday is amazing.

    xoxo Debby

  12. congrats girl on turning 30. hope you had a blast. Love those glasses. The 30 things list is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

  13. fabulous! and happy birthday!!


  14. Happy belated! I have seen every Golden Girls episode too! LOL My favorite show. And i know how you feel about Target i could get lost in there and wont care, just continue to walk <3

  15. Awwwww...:) Happy birthday to you and a very big Congratulations. I wish you many wonderful years ahead.

    Welcome to the Thirties! It's so much fun.

  16. happy happy birthday hope you had an amazing day you look stunning!

  17. Happy birthday!! I am definitely jealous of your next trip!
    Chic on the Cheap

  18. I absolutely love you style, you look so pretty.

    Can you please follow me on Blogloving. I already followed you.

  19. Happy Birthday Beautiful girl!!! Love your list! I am low key jealous you are going to the greek islands. I am dying to go. I cant write cursive either. And I went to the Jayz and JT concert here in NY and it was amazinggggg. Did you go?!

    1. o yes, i was there. it was soooooooooooo good!

  20. Happy Birthday!! Love your list! Ahh.... brunch is my favorite as well.

  21. Happy Belated love the post and as a fellow lioness I say Leo women rule!!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday. I need those glasses in my life :)

  23. Happy Belated. For some reason, I seem to look at the clock while it says 8:43PM I googled and have no earthly reason why this is so. Sunsets are boss, nerds too, and I despise everything Laker-related. I am happy Dwight Howard signed with the Rockets.

  24. Cute, cute, cute.. But HOLD UP!!!!! U my girl & I know this your birthday post but I'm a DIE HARD LAKERS FAN!!!!! Lol!!!! LA ALL DAY.

    I try to go somewhere every year that I aren't been before! I'm a PRO at parallel parking!


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