Monday, October 26, 2015

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

As I said on INSTAGRAM the Grand Mosque is too beautiful for words, so please just enjoy the pictures. 

**Simply Chic Travel Tips: Sheikh Zayad Mosque**
Visit the mosque right around sunset. It's quite spectacular to watch against the white building and going around this time will allow you to see the mosque in all of its night time glory.

Also, women will be provided with an abaya to wear, but I think if you are fully covered from head to toe you don't have to wear what they give you. I wish I would have brought my own scarf for my head because the hood on the abaya kept blowing off.

 On another note, I HIGHLY recommend Rosewood Hotel in Abu Dhabi. I'm a self proclaimed hotel snob and this was by far the most, luxurious and high tech hotel I have ever stayed in. The whole room from the curtains to the lights to the television was controlled by the touch of an iPad (see the video) and we won't even talk about how fabulous this tub is! I'd go back just to stay here. No lie. 

(room tour)
(iPod controlled rooms)

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  1. Beautiful and more beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  2. You captured the memories and experience so well; lovely pictures and great tips..

  3. Wow! This is what we call the real beauty! Your pictures are perfect example of perfection! Your blog has stimulated my desire to get my Dubai visa ASAP. Also, your videos are unimaginably good.

  4. this is such a magnificent place to visit, I am glad that this time I have planned my travel to Dubai, I am keen to visit Dubai, as soon as I get my Dubai visa, due to the pandemic situations I could not travel since last year and due to this I will be staying for approx 15 days in Dubai. I am also searching for some good hotels to stay in Dubai so that I have a comfortable stay.


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