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I'm back!!! And if you follow me on social media, you already know I spent some time in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and I must say I quite enjoyed myself. It took me up until it was dang near time to leave to get excited about the trip, because it's a long flight and most people I've talked to seemed to like it, but not necessarily love it because of the lack of culture you get for the distance. I can see that with Dubai (although I really liked it) but Abu Dhabi is a must for the Grand Mosque alone. I can't wait to share those pictures, but first let's talk Dubai. 
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I stayed in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) at the SOFITEL, and I think everyone should stay in this area because everything is at your fingertips. You get the opulence Dubai is known for with cars too fancy to name on every corner, at least 30 restaurants & hotel bars within walking distance, culture in terms of seeing Muslim men and women in full garb, and of course the beach! And not just any beach, but a beach with camels!
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This area kind of reminds me of a much more sophisticated version of South Beach with the exception of women sitting around in full burqas in 100+ degree weather, and mostly men in the water as of course the women must remain fully covered in public. 
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I had planned on laying out on the beach but I didn't have time, plus I wasn't sure I was comfortable given the culture differences, but rest assured if you want to, you can! Just maybe nothing too skimpy. So I stuck to my little feather dress that I scored at H&M for $10 just before leaving and left my bikini for the hotel's infinity pool with swim up bar! 
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**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Dubai**
Pack and dress modestly. I left all my super short, shorts at home. In fact, I left all my shorts at home and I saved my crop top for when I was out in the desert. There are no rules on how non-Muslim women should dress in Dubai, however you might feel a little uncomfortable in  your daisy dukes standing next to a woman in her burqa. Also be sure to keep a pashmina with you. Because it's so hot outside, everywhere indoors has the AC at full freezing blast. 


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  1. Lovely pictures. I wore shorts out on the streets when I was in Dubai with no issues. However, the first day I got lots of stares and was very self conscious. Later I realized that my calf length gladiator sandals were responsible for the odd looks I was getting from the locals! *Phew.

    Like you, I always had a pashmina within reach. I carried it along with me all the time, not because it got cold at night, but just in case someone decided my outfit was inappropriate, I would have whipped it out in a flash. (I also had leggings in my purse all the time--not gonna take chances in a strange land).

  2. I've been following along with you on social media and I just LOVE all the pics and experiences you had. You look great and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!


  3. Beautiful pictures and an enjoyable trip! I would loved to have had your travel tip as to where to stay prior to my visit.

  4. I was in that exact same spot on that beach two years ago, so I know how good of a job you are doing looking chic in that heat! I'm glad you had a good time. Take care.

  5. I love that dress.

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