Monday, March 30, 2015


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When I first moved back to California, I would complain on the blog about people being boring here in terms of style, but on some level I've grown to appreciate it. I mean after all "I Am Simply Chic" and I think on some level that's synonymous with California style. I love denim. I love white tops and I love to build something more interesting around those two things in various ways from bags, to shoes and everything in between. Including blazers with fun linings ;) Happy Monday!

WEARING: rachel roy blazer, GAP 1969 DESTRUCTED JEANS, jean-micel cazabat pumps (SIMILAR), neiman marcus bag, cents of style california necklace (SIMILAR FOR $6)
WORN TO: partyyyyy

let's get social
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  1. Where'd you grow up, lady? For some reason I thought you grew up here! Either way, love that blazer, the lining is super fun!

    xo Carlina

    1. I grew up in the Bay, but I moved away for college and stayed gone for a while after I graduated. Thanks!

  2. Love it...the style and the background!

  3. This is so Boss.
    I probably need to use another word to describe.

    Okay, Bossy.

    Co-sign the previous comment regarding the background, reminds me of the "Free Mutulu" backdrop. And the California Necklace is player.

  4. Cute look dear!

    Agnes x

  5. Thats a really cute blazer, i love the lining :D


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