Thursday, February 12, 2015


What do you guys think about elbow patches? According to my mom they are "played" — her words, not mine. I happen to think they are timeless and thank goodness she raised an independent thinker with high self esteem who will continue to rock elbow patches despite said playedness ;) Happy Monday! Can't wait for Friday and the 3 day weekend.

WEARING: h&m blazer (GREY ELBOW PATCH BLAZER), j crew argyle cardigan, madewell heart necklace (LEOPARD HEART NECKLACE), jean michel cazabat pumps (SIMILAR RED MANOLOS), GAP 1969 LEGGING JEANbadgley mischka bag
WORN TO: brunch

let's get social
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  1. Your mom is hilarious!!!! I don't like them for myself, but I don't take issue with them. I like your outfit!

  2. Aw lol I love them and ironically enough, my mom just bought me a cardigan with elbow patches on it because she knows that I love them! LOL Great blazer and cardigan!

  3. Oh, I love the elbow patches!!! A mom has the RIGHT to change her mind...RIGHT? (Lol) I love the vibrant colors of your cardigan.

  4. such a cute look for casual day at work, love it!

  5. It's all in the details! I love the elbow patches and I like the red details in your sweater and shoes! GORG!

  6. Ha parents can be so cute. I am a fan of elbow patches. Yours look great.

  7. I'm a big fan of matching argyle sweaters and socks. I order from this online store.

    As far as the question of whether elbow patches are played? Hmm. I can't say. Your mom could be right, but I have this theory. If someone has money, yet wears an item that others considers to be outdated, then it's regarded as "style" If someone broke wears the same item, then it's not style. They just couldn't afford anything else.

    You have money, so you're basically making a fashion statement. Ahh. Lol.


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