Monday, September 22, 2014


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London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down — I spent the bulk of my time on this trip in London living like a local because I have a friend who calls this great city home for the time being. I did get to play tourist a bit, and I have to say the London Bridge was my least favorite tourist attraction. And that's of all tourist attractions, not just in London. Ha! It pretty much looks like an overpass you wouldn't give a second thought to. But it does have one redeeming factor — you get great views of the Tower Bridge which is an absolute beauty! I mean, it's baby blue. How can it not be great? 
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On another note, HAPPY FALL! I love everything about this season; the colors, the weather, the fashion, everything! 
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My trench coat, which was my right hand "accessory" on this trip, is a staple for fall, as are tights with dresses and skirts and of course boots and scarves.
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**Simply Chic Travel Tip: London**
I'm a natural planner. I am starting to go with the flow more, but in a big city like London, it's good to have a plan and map your days out. I also recommend an international data plan, because there were a few times Google Maps would have been very useful and free WIFI wasn't as abundant as it was last year when I was in Greece. 
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Alas, I leave you with the London Bridge. What do you think?

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  1. Love how you rolled the sleeves of your coat! Lovely pictures.

  2. I always always always love your coats. And your smile is absolutely gorgeous. Cheers

  3. What a beautiful color this dress is on you!

  4. I'm in love: The London Bridge, The Tower Bridge,(breathtaking) your beautiful smile, your cozy outfit, etc.

  5. Beautiful pictures! London is my birth place and go there every now and then and I can never get enough for the city. Looking at these pictures makes me want to be there right now:) Love your trench and the green dress.

  6. Gorgeous, love the trench coat. I think of english when I see a trench, it might explain my anglomania with trenches and plaids. lol

  7. I AM SO JEALOUS! You are in London with the perfect outfit! So amazing and chic!

  8. You look absolutely gorgeous! You're really working that outfit. I guess it doesn't hurt if you have the Tower Bridge gracing the background, too. I hope you enjoyed your stay in London most splendidly. Thanks for sharing your adventure! Stay beautiful!

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guest Lodge

  9. You look incredible, love the look!

  10. I have been to London so many times and I still get flabberwhelmed by the beauty.I will be there this December as well.


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