Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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When I tell people I spent 24 hours in Amsterdam I get the side eye. With all the trouble you can get into in this picturesque city people assume when you only go for 24 hours you are up to no good. Well let me tell you, this might have been the most PG trip I've been on. I don't even think I got tipsy while I was there. Ha! 
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I attempted to ride bikes (whoever said you never forget LIED). I went to the floating flower market. I ate INDONESIAN FOOD. I sat at a cafe and style watched (love their fashion sense). I took pictures and I might have taken a stroll through the Red Light District to see what the hype was about. 
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I mean how much trouble can you get into when your're wearing a J. Crew pineapple short set ;) 

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Amsterdam**
This city is beautiful, so beautiful that I will share some of my photos and travel tips later this week (schedule permitting). Even though the city is small, you definitely need more than 24 hours. Dam Square is a good central location, but it's packed and touristy so avoid it if that's not your thing. I personally and highly recommend the SWISSOTEL. And if it's not being used, ask for the wheelchair accessible room for extra space ;) But even the regular size rooms are spacious compared to others in the city.

WEARING:  J. CREW PINEAPPLE SWEATER, SHORTS and necklace (SIMILAR), xoxo leopard sneakers (SIMILAR)

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  1. LOL at "how much trouble can you get wearing a pineapple shirt set"....funny! You look so cute and thanks for sharing those tips. I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam.


  2. This is a cute set! I like that you can wear them as separates too which is good for stretching your wardrobe!

  3. You're so fabulous, Love the short set!


  4. A beautiful and serene background. You look so cute in that comfortable outfit. Thanks for the travel tips.

  5. Awww! I want to see all your pics from here! Such a lovely city! How was the Indonesian food?!

    xo Carlina

    1. delicious! thanks for recommending that i do that :)

  6. What a cute mix! Love pineapple print!

  7. Love your pineapple matching outfit. Great tips, thanks.


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