Monday, December 27, 2010

'tis the season

Since there are technically 12 days of Christmas, I guess it's not too late to wish everyone a merry one. I had such a fabulous time and I am continuing to enjoy the season, even though my trip to NYC has been postponed until Wednesday thanks to our dear friend Mother Nature.
I was just telling my mom I am not a huge fan of red, ESPECIALLY during the holidays because it's such a cliche. However, I decided to be like the other 5 million holiday enthusiasts and wear my red thrifted sweater skirt to a Christmas Eve bash.

wearing: gap white tee, zara scarf,thrifted belt & skirt, aldo booties/dolce vita boots (featured in vlog)
worn to: christmas eve party

If all goes as planned, I will be in NYC for NYE so I will see you guys in 2011. Follow me on TWITTER to hear me ranting and raving as I walk the snow filled streets of New York! But first, check out the second edition of my vlog and subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.


  1. I heard about the friends there are like it was the worst storm in like a decade or something like that!

    But you'll def have fun! I'm jealous!

    I'm enjoying your vlogs. I need to do something like that. The outfit in this one is really cute. I do like the red skirt.

  2. The leopard and red is fierce!! ;)

    Have fun in safe!!

  3. Red is not my first color choice either, but somehow, I love it during the "not so bright" days of winter.
    I agree with Toria, the leopard & red look great together!

  4. I hear you on the red being a cliche during Christmas but you pulled out very great. I love it and Happy New Year :)

  5. The leopard scarf works magic on the red skirt. I look forward to seeing more vlogs from you.GREAT JOB!! Have a fantastic time in NY. Stay safe and warm.

  6. I love the red and the animal print. Thats such a great idea! I hope to try it soon.

  7. animal print and red? LOVE LOVE LOVE

  8. love that leopard scarf hun! cute look

  9. So cute-I wear my leopard scarf constantly!!!

  10. i love the leopard and red together - you look lovely!

    have fun in nyc!!

  11. Red and leopard, perfect match :)

    U have a new follower!

    Lots of bliss for 2011 wishes you !

  12. aw cuteness. loving the red skirt; been debating a similar item for the SAME reason. i think i'm gonna get it after the holiday 'cheer' wears off.
    how was new year's??? it was bloody freezing and i was SO ill-equipped!!!


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