Wednesday, December 1, 2010

because i felt like it

I woke up to cloudy skies and less than desirable temperatures, and I decided to put on a floral dress, because I felt like it.

Not to mention, it didn't need to be ironed and required zero thought :)

Can't wait for 12/17/10 a.k.a the end of the semester.

Did I mention that am I going to NYC for NYE? Can't wait for that either.

Ok, done rambling...time to get back to the books. Don't forget to follow me on TWITTER

wearing: h&m dress, gap denim jacket, gifted scarf, aldo booties
worn to: class


  1. despite the bad weather you look fab...

  2. You are so lucky, and I am very jealous that you are going to NYC for NYE! I still haven't solidified or made any attempts at a plan for NYE. I know it's going to creep up on me, so I hope to get to that soon. Good luck with the end of the semester!!

    Stop by again soon!

  3. love the florals!following you in twitter now!I hope you follow back :-)

  4. I love the florals and that scarf!!! The pop of color can brighten any day.

    The end of my semester is today.. then finals next week, THEN DONE. Thank God! So I am >< with you on that note.

  5. Cute dress. I just wore my floral dress out recently too with boots. All year round baby!

  6. I love that dress, the colors would definitey perk you up and it gets bonus points for no ironing, that makes any article of clothing better.

    Hold on a little while longer!!! The semester is almost over and then you could look forward to fun and NYE in NYC. I'm going to be in NY for Christmas and avoid the madness you'll be apart of. :)

  7. bad weather is such a downer but a pretty floral dress is probably the best remedy. You look darling :)

    clothes are cute

  8. i love that floral! and your booties are too cute!

  9. love the floral print with denim!

    ps: thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  10. Personal style is about breaking ALL the "rules"!! Floral power baby!!! lol


  11. I love that dress. It is so fantastic !!

    Oh, following you on Twitter.
    Follow back at:

  12. I love floral dresses this season! :) Wearing one in my latest post myself! :) You look fab!

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    Enter my big fat Sony Ericsson giveaway! :)

  13. i love the colour of the dress :)

  14. You look super cute... Love the dress w/ the jacket... i never did learn how to rock a denim jacket lol

    Check out my blog!

  15. i love the floral dress - you made it look perfect for cooler weather!

  16. The dress is beautiful, also I like your shoes:)

  17. Always on point hun, i'm loving those boots!

    Stay gorgeous!

  18. Love Love Love this dress. So Cute!!!


  19. Love the title of this post and the overall fashion attitude as well.


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