Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 sweet bloggers

Over a week ago I received a Sweet Blog Award from Corie at It's My Taste. The rule was to pass it along to 10 sweet bloggers and I am finally getting around to it!

Make sure to check out Corie's blog as well as these 10 sweet bloggers. All blue names are clickable links. Enjoy!

Africana Wardrobe Diary- This fellow Atlanta resident was the first person I reached out to for advice when I was starting my blog, and I am a loyal follower to this day!

Quean- This New Yorker has a style of her own for sure. I love to see what she's going to come up with next. And I am so jealous of all that hair!

Nubia's Nonsense- Another NY'er with a unique sense of style. I'm starting to see a NY theme ;) Love these glasses!

Chic Therapy-This lovely lady loves color and make up and she's always providing tips and inspiration!

Lions Tigers and Fashion Oh My- Whether she's keeping it simple and chic or wild and crazy, I always enjoy what she puts together. And she's big on DIY's.

Sunny- Living in "fashion starved" (her words) Kentucky, Sunny manges to find great shoes, and of course clothes.

God's Favorite Shoes- A striped button down and a floral dress. Can you say hot? Love it and can't wait to try it!

Irie Chic- This Law School student is rocking my all time favorite color combo. I need those shorts!

Fashion Bananas-So many times I go to her page and she has on something I own or something I have my eye on. Her style is so relatable and I love it!
We Were Damsels-This is only one half of this sweet blog. You get 2 for 1 with We Were Damsels and b/c they each have their own unique sense of style, you are sure to find inspiration somewhere.


  1. Omg I am so shocked I was just coming here to see what was on your mind and what you were up 2 and I see myself here! which makes YOU SUPER SWEET!

    Thanks so much I'm truly flattered to be on your list <3 I'll make sure to mention the award soon =)

  2. These beautiful, creative and talented bloggers have piqued my interest in becoming one.Congratulations on receiving the Sweet Blog Award.

  3. Congratulations on your award - well deserved - and you have picked some fabulous bloggers as well! :)

    Be sure to check out my fashion giveaway to win a ModCloth leather jacket

  4. ooooooooh!I am beaming with pleasure :-).I am checking out the other blogs as well.

  5. O M G, you have made my freakin-spring-feeling- like- summer DAY! lol. This is my first award EVER, and I thank you for it.

    And thank you for putting me up on some other hot blogs- I can't wait to check these ladies out!!!

    P.S. this has to be the most unique way of posting awards- the picture and the little tidbit. I love it- it's personal!

  6. Oh crap! I didn't expect to see my pic! I am seriously blushing!! Thank you so much for my coveted award!! And thanks for the heads up on new bloggers! I love links like these!!

  7. yay! glad you ladies are happy with the pictures. i wish i could take credit, but i got the idea from his hers . she did a feature with pictures on a bunch of bloggers not too long ago and i figured it would be a creative way to pass along the award!

  8. wowwiie!
    i'm in such wonderful company. i'm THOROUGHLY flattered! thanks so much!
    these girls are incredible. i love irie chic's shorts also.
    okay, i'm off to go stalk these new links.
    liking the new header. :)

  9. thanks so much for featuring me. I'm incredibly flattered.

  10. I must say - a great example of where blogging makes perfect sense! Though I am not really into "fashion blogs", that assertion doesn't keep me from recognizing the impressiveness of fashion bloggers.

    Given that, I am soooo happy to have come across your blog, simplychic.

    Look at Sunny's shoes!

    It reminds me of college memories where our team traveled to football stadiums much better than ours. Hahahaha!


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